April 21, 2010

THOOM 137: Shut Your Mouth, Ebert

THOOM! reviews the movie Kick Ass (2010).



pyrothemaniac said...

Roger Ebert is such a cunt, why isn't he fucking dead already?!
I don't think there's anyone else on the planet that makes me hate them with every fibre of my being without even meeting them in person.

And Nostalgia Critic even dedicated a whole episode to sucking his dick!
Great choice of idol Doug.

I read alot of reviews, most of the ones I disagree with I can at least see the point they are trying to make.
Like I can respect those who prefer the movie ending over the comic even though I disagree.
Or that there isn't any deeper character development.
I however don't think it was neccessary in a film like this.

This senile old bastard even knows what he's talking about anymore.
Infact I always thought his reviews were wrong, how do fuckers like that have any credibility?

The controversy over Hit-Girl is something I just don't understand. She's awesome, everyone thinks she's the star of the movie.
Yes she swears, yes she kills people without remorse. But you know what? It's a fucking movie.
That's Mindy, not Chloe going around and doing those things.

I agree with you, there are plenty of other violently graphic films.
Has everyone forgotten about Rambo or Tarantino? Just because the person causing the violence is a grown man makes it okay?

I wish Ebert had a comment section, I would blast him to the other side of the galaxy.
He might just have to expect some ungodly amounts of violence towards him from a young girl instead.
Now where's my purple wig at?

Oh and here is a picture that perfectly explains why violence in the media is irrelevant to real violence:

Wreck Roar said...

Between the podcast and Courtney's post, I got nothing to add. You guys are spot on and pretty much cover it all.

I will say, I'm glad you did this show without Downcaste (no offense to him) as it was a nice experience that worked out quite well.

Wreck Roar said...

Oh yeah, everytime Red Mist was on screen, I kept thinking the M on his chest stands for McLovin.

vichussmith said...

Wait, I'm still trying to get the image of Ebert giving cunnilingus to his wife out of my head.


RIP, Downcast(e)(umlaut). Who knew he would go from becoming the Dick Grayson of Thoom! to the Jason Todd of Thoom! so quickly? Maybe MC Trekkie will punch a wall and he'll come back.

Thoom said...

can respect those who prefer the movie ending over the comic even though I disagree.


How could you like an ending that tells you a character you've been rooting for the whole time is a disillusioned liar who kidnapped and brainwashed his own daughter just to satisfy his own twisted, comic book obsessions?

Thoom said...

Get a load of this.

XantesFire said...

Why are you letting that old man's reviews bother you? I stopped paying attention to him and most critics back in the 80's. I think his review on Die Hard pointed out the obvious, "it's an old man's opinion, so what?"

Makes why he doesn't like Kick-ass even more obvious. He doesn't like seeing women get hurt, he doesn't like seeing a child get hurt. He doesn't seem to remember that it's just a movie and it's not telling people how to act but it is entertainment. So of course he's not gonna like Hit-girl.

Let the old man babble in quiet obscurity.

Thoom said...

Let the old man babble in quiet obscurity.

Ebert isn't talking in a vacuum of space, and he isn't obscure. Every major film-geek site has mentioned Ebert's review of Kick-Ass. And since I am the majorest of the majors, I have to comment on it, too.

XantesFire said...

If everyone stops listening to the old man he may go away. I twittered him on someone's recommendation and had to unfollow a day later. It's old man babbling.

XantesFire said...

Wait, I thought you were a minority.