April 14, 2010

THOOM 136: Leftovers


Vichus Smith said...

Wow, even Aquaman's theme song is wack. I didn't even know he had one.

This aquaman theme song is much better. (This is not the best quality version of it, but it'll have to do)

First off, Jimmy Palmiotti isn't a hack. Him and Justin Gray are great! OK, not as good as Abnett and Lanning.

CGS reviewed the whole Wednesday comics and that original overwhelming joy people had for it before it was replaced by "mmm, this one is good to look at..."

I should check eBay to see if anyone's selling all of Wednesday's comics. I wish I could find it in a library or something.

XantesFire said...

Too bad, a TCM/J.D episode would be great.

Godzilla(1998) was a good movie by itself and should have been called something else. The Japanese haven't stopped making Godzilla movies, they even have one with Zilla, in it.

William Shatner was on Rescue 911 for 7 years and didn't learn any rescue procedures? Like step one, remove victim from the pool.

Super Hero Squad sucks, with Tony Stark as leader, no wonder.

The Bronze Tiger episode sucked. It's a great show, you just need to go with the 60's flow. Everyone loves Batman, guys wanna be him, dames wanna fuck him. You gotta see the Kamandi episode, Batman zings Mr. Miracle in the beginning. And who can forget the "Batman does not eat nachos!" episode.

They haven't made Wednesday Comics into a tpb, yet?

Anonymous said...

I think the deal was that they wouldn't make Wednesday comics into a TPB because of the format.

Superhero Squad doesn't suck. It's made for kids. They probably love that shit. Whatever it takes to initiate these fuckers into the cult, I'm for it.

C'mon, we all know William Shatner killed his wife. Who knows: maybe if he didn't, she would have probably pulled a Phil Hartman on him. Then who would have starred in Boston Legal?

BTW, they are bringing back Godzilla. I don't know if they're going to go back to rubber suit Godzilla or if he's going to be pure CGI.

Thoom said...

Wednesday Comics is in trade form. Wow, y'all are fucking lazy. You didn't even check to find out. You couldn't even be bothered to type it in Amazon or Google before y'all posted here.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to someone who reads scans to lead the legits in the right direction.

T Mafia said...

Vichus, Palmiotti not a hack? I dare you to read Painkiller Jane.

Wednesday Comics was worth it just for the Supergirl strip. Why Amanda Conner let Palmiotti take credit for having written it (when clearly that's impossible), I have no idea.

Xantes, I'm taking bets now on how many sentences Tim would actually get to finish over the course of this hypothetical episode with J.D. and me on it.

I'll check out those B&B eps since you said the magic word (Kamandi!) but yeah, that Bronze Tiger episode was just painful.

Xantes and Vichus, Super Hero Squad is what happens when Disney gets to just buy whatever other company they want.

XantesFire said...

Many of my younger relatives do me proud and think Superhero Squad sucks also.

Anonymous said...

One bad work does not a hack make.

Wasn't Superhero Squad in the works before Disney made their deal? You can't now blame all ideas you see as bad on the Disney merger. What can you blame for any crap in Marvel's pre-Disney days?

XantesFire said...

I think the look of them is based on anime super-deformed style where they shrink the characters give them big heads, hands and feet so they look "cute." The characterization and storylines seemed based on Hasbro's belief that children are stupid.

Anonymous said...

No, they're based on the Superhero Squad kids toys.

XantesFire said...

I know the toys came first, and that's based on the super-deformed style. And then the cartoon itself is based on "kids are stupid."

T Mafia said...

Vichus, re: What can you blame for any crap in Marvel's pre-Disney days?

I'll work on that one. 'Cause I still wanna blame Disney, somehow.

Xantes, Hasbro aside even, pretty much everything Disney's ever done has been based on the premise that kids are stupid. Obviously, they're not really since (unlike me) they can apparently understand what the hell Donald Duck's saying whenever he opens his beak.

Anonymous said...

You totally suckered me. With the show art and everything. Man, that was cruel.

Wow, James is afraid of me? That's like ANTiFanboy being spooked by Trench Coat.

Yup, I got that opening clip from the SBK interview. Here's a link if you want to listen to it. Interview begins at around 15:50


It's amazing how different JD acts. I don't know why he likes SBK so much. I tried to listen to the rest of the episode but couldn't do it. Typical radio stuff. Matter of fact, JD is a way way way better talk show host than sbk. He should buy an mp3 player to be enlightened by some amazing podcasts on the internet. Radio is death.

Gaby in Entraptment = barf

I would do that chick from Hairspray. Kinda cute.

I don't know if they're going to go back to rubber suit Godzilla or if he's going to be pure CGI.

I hope it's mainly CGI.

- WR

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside (aren't all these comments usually asides where we ignore that Tim actually took time out of his day to make a podcast for us) I used to listen to 104.1, back before they decided to fire The Hideout because they're cheapskates.

Anyway, I remember SBK stopping by on the aforementioned show and he was pretty cool.

WR, maybe JD is a little shy about having anyone pay him attention. The last time someone paid him attention it was his Asian co-worker. That didn't turn out too well.

Wreck Roar said...

Anyway, I remember SBK stopping by on the aforementioned show and he was pretty cool.

I had a hard time getting through his show sans JD. I just don't like that typical radio program.

Here's another link to the interview if the other doesn't work.


Thoom said...

Godzilla(1998) was a good movie by itself and should have been called something else.

You are the first person who I ever heard say they liked it in the 12 years since it had been released. If a movie is good, people will support it and there would've been a sequel. There aren't enough diehard Godzilla fans to disregard a good movie just because it changes the Godzilla myth. Nah, people hated it because it stunk.

XantesFire said...

I know I'm not the only one. I've heard other people comment the same think.

Anonymous said...

Xantes, maybe you need to take a look at America's Godzilla again. Matthew Broderic as an action hero? Yeah, OK Xantes.

But I probably feel the same about Cloverfield as you do with Godzilla. I think that Cloverfield was a good monster movie, but people hated the acting, not being able to see the whole monster, etc.

Wreck Roar said...

Amen brother. Cloverfield is such an awesomely visceral monster movie. Showcases how effective the found footage/cinema verite technique can be. When I first saw it I was like "Damn, that was cool but I bet it doesn't hold up on repeat viewing" Now after seeing it 3 times, I know I was dead wrong. It also doesn't hurt that the movie is only about 80 minutes. Love the brevity. Get in and out.

XantesFire said...

Broderick wasn't an action hero in that flick. I don't remember him punching anyone or shooting a machine gun. He mostly ran and did the love struck scientist schtick.