April 16, 2010

THOOM vs. Howard The Duck 4

THOOM! reviews Howard the Duck #4



Vichus Smith said...

Tim, why blame a little thing like your parents' divorce for your poor academic performance?

BTW, Why is DownCast(e)(f)(pi)

I'm down with Gabby Citybank. She may be disastrously fat and her arms look like an error from the sausage processing plant, but she has a great personality.

I bet I would like her better than people like KAmber (you should be murdered for bringing up "cute" nicknames, Tim).

Anonymous said...

Don't know who captain and teneal are but after that rant I don't wanna know.

Never thought of it before but jz does look like a camel. Camels suck even more now.

I got the impression that Gerber was projecting as well.

Did you just substitute the flying spaghetti monster with the Cheshire Cat? Nice

I bet I would like her better than people like KAmber (you should be murdered for bringing up "cute" nicknames, Tim).

It's the Hollywood in him. Living in LA.

- WR

XantesFire said...

What are talking about? The mutant hate started right away in the 60's, he even used Professor X and Magneto as homage/parody of two of the main black movement leaders, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. They even switched and played around with the names, Magnus/King and X.

XantesFire said...

Okay negro, handicap is out. Sure it's bothersome that some people become so sensitive to their classification and every couple of decades demand to be referred to by another name. But don't all people do that? Negro, negroid, colored people, black, african-americans. Which phrase are you okay with?

Retarded chef.

Being told he wouldn't be liked by others if he's different by their teachers is something that does happen. Teachers have a job, keep order in the class room and try to teach, individuality is usually stomped out because they have no time for that. So you decided to conform, not all students are willing nor can conform.

The memories of his parents are just showing how repressive and the bad choices his parents made. What, you don't believe parents have made bad choices in raising their kid? I knew a kid who did actually have to raise his hand in his own house to do anything, including go to the toilet. He had to raise his hand to ask his mom if I could go to the toilet. Repressive, non-understanding parents are a the bread and butter of the head shrinker community.

Peanut allergies are real, can be really severe and can pop up anytime, a whiff can send a person into an anaphylaxis shock. Best for the school not to have to deal with such a problem.

You're okay when it makes fun of others but you don't like it when it attacks you or your kind? The real reason you don't listen to Distorted View anymore.

Thoom said...

I stopped listening to DV because it because crass talk and bad taste without the funny or irony.

XantesFire said...

Sure, and which black jokes in particular was that?

Thoom said...

Sure, and which black jokes in particular was that?

Don't Box Me In.

Distorted View host Tim Henson read a story about a woman putting her baby in an oven. The "punchline"? (Evil)Tim played the song "Burn Baby Burn".

Another story about the brutal murder of a man who was already sick and frail by another man. Grisly details as the man was beaten and taken apart while he was still alive. Another crass comment by Henson, that wasn't even close to funny.

I am not suggesting that Tim Henson should be censored or is anywhere near as evil as the murderers in these stories.I really hope it was a bogus news stories that the lazy Tim Henson didn't fact check).

Either way, I just don't want to hear his "shit".

Speaking of shit, he'd often play audio from a scat video of what he described as a woman eating and gagging after her sex partner shit in her mouth.And it certainly sounded like it. I don't want to listen to that "shit"'.

It's a matter of taste, is all.

XantesFire said...

...a woman putting her baby in an oven. You mean she had a bun in the oven? He's progressed from that, now he does a baby death count.

He hasn't played the shit slurper in years, okay, weeks. Actually I couldn't find the video to the audio so instead here is a a japanese scatman and some children.

You mean 2 girls one cup? That's so tame.

Speaking of evil murderers, have you read Crossed?