May 14, 2010

Check out THOOM! on Geek Brunch

From the Geek Brunch website, synopsis for Geek Brunch 109:

KRAKATHOOM! That’s right! This week Your regular hosts Mike, Micah and Bill are joined by Thoomcast’s Timmy Thoom. Questions explode from Reed Richard Dicking and Dancing, like why does Doc Savage not realize the Dodgers moved out of Brooklyn 53 years ago? How is Iron Chef Miyamoto rages war with Sardines in his arsenal? Why is Michael Cera is everywhere (even in places where he isn’t)? What does lady GaGa have to do with middle aged bums? Is Black Dynamite the funniest movie ever since the last really funny movie we said was the funniest movie ever? Who the hell does Ralph Macchio think he is? Why do D-List has beens charge sooo much cash for pictures at cons in Burbank? Why does Mike hold so much hatred in his heart (who can hate releasing krakens? really? who?)

P.S. We talk about Iron Man 2 as well, but real talk, no one watched that movie so us discussing doesn’t do anything for you. $133 million dollars? Puh-lease. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!


Wreck Roar said...

Have yet to see IM2. Waiting till PoP comes out to theatre hop.

I'm glad The Hood is in prison. I always thought he was a weak character and Mr Negative is much more interesting.

Cobra could infiltrate the base because they had superior tech. The Joes did react appropriately.

Secret Six 21 was the best comic that week it came out. Catman's dad is a giant dick.

Batman & Robin 12 solidified Damian as my favorite Robin.

I enjoyed this crossover and am gonna have to give Geek Brunch a listen.

THOOM! said...

I posted this message of the geek brunch forum.