June 2, 2010

Black People Don't Podcast 25: Store Detective

JD and Tim talk more trash about pop culture and share their personal views.


Anonymous said...

Concept art of both Captain America and Thor:

My opinions *puts on best Tim Gunn voice*; Thor's costume is fantastic from the waist up. It's like sci-fi meets mythology.
However it all becomes very understated and biker-like with the pants and boots. I think they could have incorporated comic Thor's current look a little more with chainmail pants and extended tunic.
It fits in with the current film superhero trends, however part of me wants it to have more traditional Norse influences.
Then again he's teaming up with Iron Man, not Highlander's Connor McCloud.

As for Captain America; I love how they didn't shy away from the use of the good old red, white and blue (my favourite colour combination BTW). It's an integral part of the character and you know how much I hate black in superhero costumes. This isn't the Matrix!

It has a sensible blend of military and modern superhero style. I love the boots and gloves, brown instantly gives it a retro feel.
The helmet/cowl is clever, again enforcing his military background. My only critique is his lack of cute little wings on the sides.
They could just be messily painted on, giving it a more lived in feel rather than the ultra-shiny look all heroes seem to have.

All in all I think the future is looking brighter for superhero chic.

Vichus Smith said...

People are kinda hating the Thor pics. I just don't like that it looks like a bad photoshop job. Looks like they stuck his head on there.

Way to be late on the Guru (yes, Guru, not fucking Kieth Elam, you fucking obituary-reading douche) shoutout. When are these things recorded? We're like 6 celebrity bodies deep now!

My word verification is "chimp." That's racist...

Anonymous said...

BTW, you know what I have going for me, JD? Knowledge of HTML code, queer bait.

Wreck Roar said...

Having seen Prince of Persia last weekend, it's a real shame it didn't make more money domestically, especially because it's the type of movie America loves. Very much a summer "blockbuster" with heavy emphasis on entertaining the audience. Best thing for me about the movie is Gemma Arterton who stole the damn movie. So extremely beautiful. Almost heavenly how hot she looked. I'm even more psyched to watch Clash of the Titans now.

Speaking of box office, are you guys ready for the upcoming onslaught that will be the opening of Twilight Eclipse, which is obviously gonna be the #1 movie of the summer. This is the first Twilight movie to be released in the summer so it's gonna be fucking insane.

Congrats on your conquest in Vegas, Tim.

lol @ the undercover security story. Hope there's more in the future.

The costumes look good but I can see where Vichus is coming from. It does kinda look like a screenshot from a videogame.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Tim getting in some long distance guts. She sounds like a dirty whore. More women should be as wonderful; it would end war.

I don't know about Prince of Persia. I was visiting my family on Monday, and my little bro went to see Prince of Persia. He didn't say one word of it, good or bad. usually we at least report about movies we've seen to each other.

I hear Prince of Persia is lame as hell.

Wreck Roar said...

You might be surprised.

THOOM! said...

The Cap costumes designers were looking at old issues of The Ultimates really hard to "come up" with that look. I bet the producers were really happy that Marvel created that comic book, that way they could use that more practical, less outrageous Superhero costume and still say to the fanboys "but it's in the comics!" I was pretty sure they would move toward that look for Cap. If they are gonna do that, then use The Ultimates Cap's charater as a template for the movie character, too.

But I don't see Chris Evans pulling that off.

Anonymous said...

They look like video game screenshots because it's digital concept art.
They do a traditional drawing first and then make a CGI version so as to get the actor's likeness and realistic textures.

I like alot of the elements in Ultimate Cap's look, except for the face mask. I haven't read it, so does he wear this costume in the modern world or back in WWII?:

Anonymous said...

I expected them to go nowhere else but the Ultimates line to inspire their Cap design. They've taken so much from it already to build their movie universe.

I still don't see how Evans is going to pull off cap either. It's a race to see which "funny man" fucks it up worse, Evans or Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

All I know is there's going to be a hell of alot of eye candy either way.
Teh hotness is what stops me from hating the Wolverine movie.

Man, I love superhero movies!

I'm really looking forward to seeing Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. That's such a cute costume.

Anonymous said...

Who says there will be a Deadpool movie? IMDB says it comes out next year, yet there is no info on it, except that Ryan Reynolds is attached.

That movie should be in full production with many more names attached if it was coming out next year.

Anonymous said...

Well, IMDB ain't the king fuck when it comes to what will and wont be.

The movie could happen, or it could be scrapped. Who knows what will happen? Until people start shooting a film, a film does not exist. Case in point, all the mess JD talks. I think I've seen one Cloverfield thing he did, and the rest doesn't exist.

He doesn't even have a Youtube channel, probably because he has dial-up. Fool doesn't even know that DSL is affordable.

Anonymous said...

The Deadpool movie is going to happen even if I have to make it myself!

Anonymous said...

It'll be Trenchcoat in an unfinished Deadpool mask, running in the woods.

Anonymous said...

How dare you, I complete my costumes and put all my effort into them!

If anything it would be shoddy cinematography and editing.

Wreck Roar said...

Good costumes but shoddy editing sounds like Zack Snyder's Watchmen. I can't knock the DP though.

Anonymous said...

I saw the trailer for Sucker Punch. Ohh boy, JD's gonna have something to say about this.

Wreck Roar said...

WTF? That trailer is out. Guardians of Ga'Hoole isn't even out yet. Dude, hook me up with a link to that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, dude, I don't have a link to that trailer. It'll be out soon enough.

BTW, if you say Guardians of Ga'Hoole without any irony again, I'll bite your face.

Wreck Roar said...

lol. I just mentioned it because it's Zack Snyder's upcoming film before Sucker Punch.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Why did he do that?

Wreck Roar said...

No clue. It's the weirdest project to pick after Watchmen and 300. Maybe it's a movie based on a favorite childhood story or maybe he's doing it for his children, if he has any.