June 5, 2010


A THOOM! solo show. Tim talks about the movie Timecrimes (2007), The comic book Friday The 13th:Pamela's Tale (Wildstorm, 2007)


pyrothemaniac said...

I was talking to my mother about the suprising number of entertainers who have passed away recently.
It was then that I learned that she didn't even know who Ronnie James Dio was!

That's odd that Gary Coleman's wife couldn't look at blood. I mean it comes out of her once a month, does she just have three day seizures during that time?

A narrative that is told by "jumping through time" is called a non-linear story.
One of the most complex forms of story-telling but can be intelligent and suspenseful.
Like Pulp Fiction as you mentioned or Watchmen.

Jason's mutilation of animals going unchecked isn't that far-fetched considering this story takes place before psychology had established the behavioral traits of serials killers.

Vichus Smith said...

Guru is known best as Guru. Don't be muddling my message, Tim!

There's so much to mention here. Lots of topics in this episode.

So with the new and improved Thoom, where does Downcaste figure in all this? Is he the one playing magic tricks with your Netflix, BTW?

Too bad you didn't watch Primer back-to-back with time crimes, because it sounds like the two are great for a comparison. I really liked Primer, but it's not playing when it comes to sci-fi. I have only seen it once, so everything that was going on did not sink in.

I have not seen time crimes, but it was raved about on Netflix, and I heard a couple podcasts rave about it.

Tim, what's it with you and appearing at services for dead celebs. First Michael Jackson, then Dio? I guess the c-list con counts, because these people's carers are pretty much dead. Are you some kinda star-fucker? Or maybe the title star corpse fucker would be more appropriate.

I will not speak on whether Trenchcoat Mafia is responsible for my love of comics podcasts, but I will state that no one of a negroid descent is responsible for me getting into comics podcasts. I searched for comics podcasts on iTunes, and I picked a podcast that sounded interesting. From there, I eventually found the, what, 12 comics podcasts I listen now?

Thoom said...

[i]A narrative that is told by "jumping through time" is called a non-linear story.[/i]

You think you're smarter than me because you read books?

[i]That's odd that Gary Coleman's wife couldn't look at blood. I mean it comes out of her once a month, does she just have three day seizures during that time?[/i]

I wonder if she used to make Gary take the pad out, and she just wouldn't look.

I just can't believe Courtney listened to a solo episode.

[i]I will not speak on whether Trenchcoat Mafia is responsible for my love of comics podcasts, but I will state that no one of a negroid descent is responsible for me getting into comics podcasts.[/i]

You won't say whether the WHITE MAN T-Mafia got you into comic podcasts (he didn't) But you are quick to dismiss the BROTHER.

vichussmith said...

I just have to set some of the facts straight. I don't want all the new listeners to get caught up in the lies of Timothy Thoom and Trenchcoat Mafia.

I guess by now you've heard that Gary Coleman's EX wife (why she was in the house that day, I don't know) is now shopping pics of him basically dead. If she didn't kill this man, she might as well have done it.

I also heard that she got a car from Gary (from her own mouth, in an interview), even though in the 911 audio she says she is epileptic and cannot drive. So, Gary Coleman fell down the stairs, huh?

pyrothemaniac said...

No I'm smarter than you because:
1) I got a private school education
2) Said education did not take place in the USA
3)My brain is a sponge for knowledge

pyrothemaniac said...

I couldn't tell you why I listened to this episode, but it was pretty good. You kept a nice flow of information, you didn't stay on one topic for too long.
Sort of like that one episode of my solo podcast. I figured if I just talk about alot of different things it will be more interesting.

vichussmith said...

Courtney, you forgot

4. You can figure out how to pronounce words like Almodovar because you have knowledge of basic phonics.

Wreck Roar said...

I hate to be that guy but Alfonso Cuaron directed Y Tu Mama Tambien not Pedro Almodovar. Understandable mistake though.

I don't believe she pushed Gary Coleman or caused the fall. She talks to him over the phone call and he doesn't sound pissed at her or anything.

Even though it may very well be true, I hate that cliche of killing animals at a young age.... Even Rob Zombie used it in his remake of Halloween. It just seems so lazy.

I don't think the reason people want Del Toro on The Hobbit is because they thought LOTR was dull. Like me, I think they were interested in what Del Toro's darker sensibilities and imagination could bring to the table. However, I am glad he's off the project so we could get another one of his original movies sooner. It's interesting to see how Del Toro's film cred has developed over the past decade. I remember people, myself included, thinking "who the hell is this dude and why are the studios pimping him out so much" during the production of Hellboy. Then he did Blade II and the geek crowd paid more attention but he still hadn't reached the high level of praise. It was only after he did Pan's Labyrinth that he was considered a legitimate film director. The geeks would then go back and watch and rave about The Devil's Backbone & Cronos and finally Del Toro would fully reach cinema sainthood.

I always enjoy the "friendly" ribbing between you and Trenchy.

vichussmith said...

Well, you know, to Tim all those people (directors) look the same. Tim also confuses Harry Potter and Y Tu Mama Tambien because they both have teenagers in 'em.

Speaking of Y Tu Mama Tambien, it has the distinction of being a movie that you can jerk off to and also enjoy as a good movie. Try pulling off that one, Spielberg!

XantesFire said...

Everyone is dying, the birds are dying.

Betty White is the only Golden Girl you have left. Better hit it quick.

She could be a hemophobe, childish behavior but remember she married an icon from her childhood.

What's wrong with being an emt, I thought you guys made money.

I only call you on "nigger" when you say it's inappropriate to use it but then you go ahead and use it the same way. Being called "nigger" in a personal way like that is different, you have a right to be offended and ask the guy not to use that in reference to you. But, I might wonder if you overreacted though. He told you about being with hookers, so either this guy opens up right away or he must have thought you two were on the way to becoming good friends. Arguing about sports and sport rape. All he needed was a warning which you did but it sounds like you might have said more to him since he shut up. And you contradict yourself, you say the word is no big deal but then you say you wish you said more, why, if the word didn't matter.

If the hero or main character of a story was always smart and did the right thing it would get boring. Some times you need a dumb hero like detective Jacques Clouseau or Harry and Lloyd. A movie that I still think has the dumbest character ever, because she gets her son killed by turning her head back to look into the backseat while she's driving on a busy road, in the middle of the night, during a monsoon
is Dead Calm, but most people seem to like it. Now I admit, there are stupid people like that out there, so it is realistic, but I hate it because that's a dumb bitch. Now was the guy in TimeCrimes stupid because he was suppose to be a dumb guy, unfamiliar with the fictional and realistic theories of time travel or is just a bad character? Do you think Tom Cruise would do the character justice?

Killing small animals doesn't make you a serial killer, killing people does.

No, I posted on PCX first, but I think I did try Quarter Bin first but I stopped because you mostly talked about buying your comics cheaply and where and when and the color of your underwear. I think I found PCX because ITunes linked you. After guest-hosting on PCX I tried you again.

Different faces of Thoom.
Another one.

vichussmith said...

Good point. What's so shitty about being an EMT? Maybe you're not sitting in your own private office at the top floor of a skyscraper, but I don't look at being an EMT as a lowly job.

I forgot about that story with the too comfortable white guy. Yeah, that guy was a jerkoff, but that story is the prime example of why we aren't where we should be concerning race.

You know this guy's intent when he says "Nigga please" He's trying to be comfortable with you, trying to make light, but nigga/nigger isn't going to fly in mixed company. It's only if you are amongst longtime friends that a white guy may get over saying nigga. Otherwise it brings racial history right up to the surface. Again, why are we using the word in any form?