June 28, 2010

Episode 145: It's Good To Be A Snob

THOOM! and Kingslee the Movie Snob review the motion picture Knight and Day (2010)



XantesFire said...

How has Tom Cruise been an action hero since Top Gun? Okay sure it was an "Action" movie, but what action? Jets flying around. What did Tom Cruise do most of the time, SIT in the jet.

I understand now why "K" like Diaz, she looks like a tranny.

So what did he want from that movie? Tom Cruise, older white gay, and instead of Diaz he wants a young African female? Bulworth the spy? Of course if they made the movie that way I guess we would be hearing that he can't believe a young AFRICAN woman would love an old white guy.

Of course Jonah Hex is bombing, pychic powers and Megan Fox will keep the real fans away, and then the movie will fade away because there's not going to be the positive geek review that the rest of the masses need to hear about a comic book movie.

If you're gonna see a movie for it's hot chick, see a porn.

Vichus Smith said...

The problem with Cameron Diaz is that she has way too much face. Those cheeks are awful, and she's got Joker mouth, for sure. I give Julia Robers much more of a pass than Diaz because her cheeks and her mouth are a horrid combination.

That being said, I'd cut off my writing arm to fuck her now-old ass.

I wish there was a master list of celebs with to much face for their head. Knowing the internet, I bet there is a site for that.

Vichus Smith said...

BTW, I don't know which podcast you mentioned it on (I listened to 3 in a row) but your love of this little girl Amanda Bynes is sickening. I don't know why an upstanding citizen like Trenchcoat Mafia associates with you.

It's OK for me to drool over Amanda, because when she first started out on Nickelodeon, we we're close in age. You, however, Timothy Thoom, are like 3 or 4 times her age!