June 30, 2010

Episode 144: Poochie

The Missing Episode with THOOM, JD and Trenchcoat.



pyrothemaniac said...

Would you settle for legal Hit-Girl?

I've already picked a comic for the debate, bitch. Now pick a time!

Hardy har har, JD, I probably read way more than you do.

What's wrong with being celibate? I mean our entire society is centered around this primitive obsession with reproduction.
We should move beyond that, I'm happy to look but not touch. Touching; that's where things get complicated.

Regarding depressing things. Sometimes the unhappiest ending is the most realistic one, the one we deserve. So maybe I'm a bit of a masochist.

Which reminds me of a certain scene in Toy Story 3, but I won't spoil it.

Don't shit on my childhood! Pixar can do no wrong, Toy Story is brilliant.
You're just bitter old men! I love my toys, why don't they talk back?

Dreamworks on the other hand is utter shit. They should go back to 2D, that's the only time when they were good.

I'll save you watching the last Twilight movie, according to Wikipedia the fucked up thing is a caesarian performed on Bella by Edward with his vampire teeth.
...Yeah, the baby is evil or some shit and was trying to eat her from the inside.

T Mafia said...

Oh, we can all easily picture you as still less than legal, especially in that Hit Girl outfit.

I don't think any guys really think about reproduction much when thinking about sex, other than how to avoid it; of course, chicks are pretty much the ones taking all the risk anyway. We can always be like, "I've never seen this little girl from Perth, Australia named Courtney Coombs in my entire life; she's a complete stranger!"

(Good) depressing movies just tend to be really satisfying as opposed to any flick that follows the good guys win/everything works out in the end bullshit Hollywood formula. Again, watch The Elephant Man, Tim! If nothing else, it should kill your habit of being so impressed with crap like Clash of the Titans and Jonah Hex.

As a bitter old man, I have to point out that the Toy Story franchise suffers from throwing together three things that in a better world wouldn't even exist: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and CGI.

And DreamWorks apparently co-produced the worst movie ever made (Gladiator), so I won't argue that they suck.

Speaking of really bad movies, you're for population control: wouldn't it make sense to just give any girl caught having actually seen any of the Twilight movies a hysterectomy, given that their brains are clearly defective? No anesthesia, of course.

Vichus Smith said...

First off, I'm thinking that Trenchcoat doesn't even read comics anymore! Did you read Siege, Trenchcoat, or you just read the Wikipedia? Are there no standards in podcasting?

The clip I linked to is from a movie called Storytelling. What a gem.

Tim acts like I put up things that are controversial, like a scene from Ken Park, for instance.

Did I put up a pic of lemon party or was that Xantes?

You people need to stop being all stuffy about the entertainment I share here, or I might start finding clips from Battle in Heaven up in here.

If you're nice, I'll share some stuff from The Dreamners.

Enough of this silliness. I'm going to go sit in a corner until Lauryn Hill makes her return.

Anonymous said...

Say, you've given me an idea, TC.
Why not release a poisonous gas into every theatre playing Twilight simultaneously?
That way we can irradicate the lowest common denominator and hopefully improve the standards of our culture and entertainment industry.

It's a big undertaking though, I'm going to need alot of money, henchmen and poison.
But hey, being a supervillian aint easy.
Which reminds me, the meaning of the word 'supervillian' should be changed to 'an extremist superhero dedicated to improving the world through any means neccessary.'

Dammit, my mouse just died. I liked that one too, it was purple. I hate using the touchpad on the laptop.


Won't let me log in for some reason.

T Mafia said...

Courtney, what you're endorsing is just heartless, cold-blooded murder. I approve.

Vichus, I'm usually a Bendis fan (not that I'll defend crap like House of M), so of course I read Siege! It probably would have left more of a lasting impression on me if they could have gotten those books out on time, though; there must have been entire civilizations that rose and fell in the gap between issues three and four coming out.

vichussmith said...

Courtney, I think from the neck up you look like a perfect Hit Girl. otherwise, you are a child molester's worst nightmare.

"Oh no, you've developed so nicely! This isn't going to work at all."

jessbot3000 said...

Woah, THOOM!

this is jessbot3000 from several years ago, was following thoom when he was on comicbooknoise

hey dude, check out my super hero / horror short film @ www.jessbot3000.com (or just look up jessbot3000 on youtube).

Looking forward to catching up on a treasure trove of good podcasts!

THOOM said...

Did I put up a pic of lemon party or was that Xantes?

Don't try to put that off on Xantes. You put that up, ya queer fetishist.
That's how you were able to link it here. You know it by heart.

XantesFire said...
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XantesFire said...

Who said anything about reproduction, they're talking about sex. Join the ZPG. Sex does not need to have shit producing consequences.

TCM, I thought you would related with the werewolf in Twilight, he thinks he's attractive to Bella but in fact he is in love with her unborn baby, who when she is born, they mess up by rapidly aging her. I only knows this because another podcast did a "stupid things I learned about Twilight" piece.

Don't try to pin Lemon Party on me. I delete that image from my memory almost as soon as I see it. So it's likely not me. Whoa, Thoom stood up for me?

Wish someone did this at every screening of Twilight.

Comments about the show, Pam Grier couldn't take on Sammy Davis? I find that story lacking credibility.

50 is too young for Thoom.

I said it's like life, you don't get all the info. But they did answer a lot, like we find out the four toed statue was of Taweret, and we know how it's busted up, we just don't know who built it or why. We find out what is causing the weird stuff on the island, we just don't know what it is.

Figure you god fearing types would be okay with it. There have been talks of them expanding the story in a new movie or comic books ala Buffy Season 8. I myself hope for a new series.

I don't get that compartmentalization, Mr T is okay with people using guns to shoot at people but somehow not hit people? He's okay with blowing people up but not shooting and killing them. I thought explosives were more lethal.

How low? Perfect Strangers the movie. Happy Days the movie. My Three Sons the movie. Leave It to Beaver the... oh wait they did a TV movie awhile back.

XantesFire said...
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XantesFire said...
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T Mafia said...

Xantes, fetuses aside for a moment (and hey, if we're talking hot little fetuses like you'll usually find in an abortion clinic's trash cans...!), I actually stopped reading X-Factor when they found a way to age Layla Miller to adulthood. Way to cop out on the whole "this little girl's destined to fuck reader-identification figure Madrox" thing being sexy, Peter David.

vichussmith said...

Jessbot, I'm checking out your site. Way to actually produce material than boast about d-list celebrities you've met and movies you will never make, like JD does. I hope you still check out the show.

You should also consider pimping your work on The Comic Forums.

Tim, I don't know why you are so homophobic, especially considering the people you associate with.

XantesFire said...

What? They aged Layla? They could have just had Layla and Jamie have sex in New Jersey when she became 16. Or even better, had one of his dupes be younger and horny for her ass. Which I would guess may be possible since he did have a baby dupe grow in a teammates's belly. Well at least there's Monster Girl, atleast she grows younger everytime she uses her powers.

T Mafia said...

Tim, I don't know why you are so homophobic, especially considering the people you associate with.

And by "people" of course, we mean Kingslee.

Xantes, I've never heard of this "Monster Girl" but from what you just told us about her, she sounds like the greatest character ever.

vichussmith said...

Why would you think I'm referring to Kingslee in this instance. He has a girlfriend, and he hangs out with girls- a LOT

T Mafia said...

Good point. Clearly, he's just in touch with his...feminine side. *cough*

XantesFire said...

Oh yeah, like gay guys aren't renown for hanging around females.

vichussmith said...

Gay are chick magnets though. I'm just so jealous of the Kingslees of the world. All up in the fish, but they're allergic to it.

XantesFire said...

And that's probably why Tim hangs out with K. That's why I used to hang out with my gay friends. They know the cutest females. And also some of the largest.