June 30, 2010

Kingslee The Movie Snob is exicted about "Eclipse"

From a mass e-mail by Kingslee the Movie Snob:

Eclipse is already shattering box office records. Some people think Dark Knight is sweating. Should be interesting. I think it will certainly break the one and two week box office record. But Twi's fall off steeply after week two. They even say in Africa lines are out of the theater. I love when a movie comes along like this and really galvanizes theaters around the world.

Kingslee Purcell


XantesFire said...

How queer is that? Now he's reversing himself? He's okay with white mainstream movies doing okay in the theaters? What happen to rooting for the independent or black movies? Is there a black person in this one? Is that why it's called Eclipse? Or is it the Christian undertones? (Seriously, how does Mormonism get away with calling itself a Christian religion?)

Or is it the homoeroticism that he was wanting? What team does he play for? Team Edward Or Team Jonathan?

Or is it the purity issue in these movies? By enacting it himself he can tell the women he dates, he just thinks waiting is what Jesus wants.

Thoom said...

What team does he play for? Team Edward Or Team Jonathan?

It's not Jonathan, it's Jacob. Uh.. I only know that because of all the crossover promotion. Y'know...Burger King/Twilight backpack charms and such.