August 1, 2010

Episode 153: ghetto comics (Comic Con part 1)

THOOM! tells JD about his experiences at San Diego Comic Con 2010.



XantesFire said...

Book of Eli. I still think that's a dumb premise for a movie. What happen to the billions of bibles in the US. I own like 3 of them and I'm an atheist. He needs to build his empire on the Bible? Why not start his own religion? All you need is some bullshit about seeing God or his angels. See any religion.

My "I have to go buy a penguin." co-worker was real. But see I am relaying my side of the story. He could have just walk off the job and told his gf and mom to say they hadn't seen him for all I know. I just figured he quit and did it his way to be funny. Aside from that, what? People don't just don't get up and disappear? See Jimmy Hoffa.

And like I said, I think the writers were looking for another series to continue the story.

Ghetto man


His name reminds me of Brotherman.

Vichus Smith said...

I think that just like kingslee supports any movie with a black cast in it, JD loves any movie with a bible in it. "It's deep!" I'll take your word for it, JD.

Hey Tim, did you see these two at the con?

I don't hate the cover of that Ghetto Man comic too bad, but it's so damn lame. Wow, the 1,000,000,005th Superman archetype. Even if it's done for parody's sake, it's still real tired.