August 1, 2010

Episode 154: Nostalgia Chick

THOOM! and Courtney talk superhero chic and TGWTG's Nostalgia Chick.


Vichus Smith said...

With that concept art of Batman, I have already made up my mind about who's won the Batman/Superman debate.

Courtney, now that you're on the anime train, maybe you should check out Occult Academy or High School of the Dead. If you end up liking High school of the dead, then you'd have to pay, or...

Courtney, did you ever sign up to Comicspace? I know people lost all interest of it faster than Myspace, but at least the site still exists.

I know the rules are established, but I would have liked to see Trenchcoat and Courtney have to defend the worst stories of Superman and Batman's history.

Courtney said...

Never heard of comic space.
Don't like anime that much.
Superman was originally a villain, so shows how far characters deviate from their original concept.
Keep thinking about debate, if we just reviewed a Batman/Superman comic, kill two birds with one stone and all that. And your idea is cool too.

Will stop talking like Rorschach now.

T Mafia said...

Written, but apparently(?!) unsent yesterday before Courtney commented here:

I would have liked to see Trenchcoat and Courtney have to defend the worst stories of Superman and Batman

...which I actually suggested we do, but Courtney wasn't into it. Too bad; can you imagine how funny it'd be if she tried to defend DK2?!

And I thought she was unfair to Coraline, judging it after five minutes - that Matt Smith scene she grudgingly watched might have been a whopping one whole minute...if it was even that long!


Courtney, no matter how much good anime you see, you take too much pride in being "anti-anime" to ever admit how much of it's great.

And I see if Vichus suggests we review bad Superman/Batman comics, you're all for it! (Vichus, tell her she should do the show topless on cam and let's see what happens!) As to to the idea of one book that gives equal time/respect to both heroes, the first comic to pop into my head has gotta be Kingdom Come. Well, that or any of however many hundreds of issues of World's Finest Comics there were.

Vichus Smith said...

I bet Courtney already has a sex tape and she's just waiting to "leak" it.

Courtney appears to have no desire to go back on her original opinion of something, even if she ends up liking something about it. I will defend her in not liking Matt Smith, at least physically. Dude looks like some kinda Cro-magnon man. I've heard good thing about him, and I've also heard that he's not going to be The Doctor for long.

XantesFire said...

Gasp! At about 11:30, Courtney invokes God!

Animals kill and then eat their victims, except for cats, they like playing with their prey. And bugs, sometimes like spiders they'll eat their victim alive, And ducks, they swallow frogs whole so they slowly die in their acid felled stomach. And mosquitoes, they keep me alive as they feed.

Kitten Killer of Hangzhou is from 2006, Distorted View's Tim posted sounds clips on the show, awhile back with the lady talking in Chinese and the cat screeching and the skull crunching.
Bloodier pics, if they don't show, you'll have to drag and drop the green faces to another window to see the images.

Bunny Crush, who knew bunnies screeched, it's DVD's Tim new favorite.

Heh, Courtney is checking out the females.

Maybe you don't like Inglorious Bastards cause the Nazis failed.

Whoa, your Cambodian friend move here and now benefits from it's freedoms, so practicing his religion, his (or as his family requests)way is part of that freedom (as long as no one is hurt).

Converse are nice and simple, over complicated shoes like runners, baby your feet and back and makes your stride and body move in unnatural ways so you hurt when you don't wear them.

What Are you complaining about? That a new Teen Titans animated movie will confuse people and they won't understand it's a different continuity? When I was ten there was the SuperFriends, New Adventures of Batman, The Batman TV show, Batman/Superman Hour,
Scooby-Doo Meets Batman, the regular DC comics, special books and coloring books, and I understood they were all different continuities. My brother was 5 and he didn't care, it was Batman. Kids will either understand it's a different continuity, especially if they look it up online or they won't care, it's the Titans!

T Mafia said...

Vichus, Matt Smith's okay as the Doctor and all, but goddamn is he...I'll say, "odd-looking". I know he's back for next season at least, but I actually hope it's not true he's leaving soon after; if middle-aged guys like Jon Pertwee (five seasons) and Tom Baker (seven seasons) could hang in there, what the hell's wrong with all these wussy actors coming up today?

Xantes, squish videos are okay and all, but I'm still holding out hope for the first genuine snuff movie ("genuine" in the sense that the only reason someone's even being killed in the first place is so that the snuff film in question can exist.)

Vichus Smith said...

I'm glad I didn't click whatever the hell Xantes linked to.

Maybe this doesn't apply to your strict categorization of snuff film, Trenchcoat, but I have seen a couple videos in my time where some russian teenagers have killed a guy. I think their motivation was that they were incredibly stupid psychopaths who thought killing someone was cool, not because they wanted to make a snuff film.

T Mafia said...

It's funny; what I thought was most cool about that were those gurgling sounds the guy they were killing kept maki-- uh, I mean, the nerve of those boys, murdering an innocent man! Those young fellows ought to be, um, ashamed of themselves or something!