September 13, 2010

Episode 170: Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits

THOOM! and Courtney review Joker #4 (DC Comics, 1976)



Vichus Smith said...

If those top 5 songs are any indication, the mid-70s sucked.

I thought Doctor Doom was Courtney's favorite villan, but now the truth is becoming clear

Yeah, the Aboriginies are just horrible people. You shouldn't have sympathy for them.

Courtney said...

Wow, one fucking article where they are the victim. Big deal.

You don't live here, you wouldn't understand.
I mean yeah, killing children or taking any violent action against them simply because of their race is going too far.

But most Aboriginals are either drunks or druggies because they are genetically predispositioned to be addicts.
See, this is what most of them are like all the time:

You live in fear of being attacked by one of them, especially someone as little as me. Wouldn't take much.

One of my creeds as I said is 'judge by who they are, not by what they are'. But I'm still waiting to meet a nice, respectable Aboriginal.
I'm sure there's at least one out there...Somewhere.

What the early settlers did to the native people was just horrible, but that was long before anyone alive today was around.
There's no changing the past, white Australians have apologised, we've given them benefits and they just take advantage of that.
They think they don't have to do anything with their lives beyond leeching off of society.

Hate-monger? That's a real villian? How transparent.
No I much prefer Ras Al Ghul.

vichussmith said...

I just gave you one because I'm not going to search all day for Australian news articles.

I didn't know you went from youngster to doctor/psychologist.

OK, lets say they are ALL genetically predisposed to be addicts. Being predisposed to something does not set in stone how you will lead your life. The Irish have the stereotype of loving to drink and/or being alcoholics, but I would not work with a guy and then assume he's a drunkard once I learned his family has an Irish background.

BTW, concerning that video you say nothing of the guy who decides to get up in the face of this Aboriginal woman (who seems to like 90s rap). They're both off, doesn't it seem? She's the big troublemaker, but that guy seems like he's had a few. Also, what's a bogan?

Like Tim said, take all you're saying and that's what is said about black people in America. I took issue with what you said because it sounds ignorant. I don't want to get into your whole life history (because a) it's TMI and b) it's probably not funny) but I bet you hear more whispers about Aborigines than you've seen or have been affected in some way by Aborigines. It's the same here, where people watch videos and watch the news and decide that "my job is done: thowse people are bad"

At least you have an open mind.

Oh god, serious talk makes me sleepy.

Courtney said...

Trust me, I've seen plenty of Aborigines acting like animals.
I was taking my dogs for a walk the other day and two of them were sitting out the front of this house under construction and screaming and swearing at each other, throwing bottles and rubbish around for no apparent reason.

I'm not saying white people are saints, but at least we don't all act like that.
Bogans being the exception of course, which BTW is the Aussie equivalent of a red-neck.

Also, I think Tim edited out the part where he said that's what racists say about African Americans to which I said at that's unjustified because there are plenty of black people who have achieved great things.
Can you name one Aboriginal who's done anything?

I have no problem with any other race on earth, it's just on average Aboriginies are fucking animals.
It's not hatred, more like disappointment that none of them seem to be able to function in society.

XantesFire said...


THOOM said...

Yes, I edited out some of the conversation at the end, because the audio was broken up.

Courtney said...

Wow, he's like a thermodynamic miracle or something! Consider me impressed.

vichussmith said...

Wowee, you're just digging that hole, Courtney. White Australians never got drunked up and went crazy. EVER?

The problem with ignorance in general, regardless of the dumb pigmentation that makes us go to war with each other, is that we take a totally unscientific sample and take that as a great measure.

I bet you've traveled the same percentage of Australia as the average American has traveled our country. There are so many stories- good and horrible about your people. By your people, I mean all Australians.

This comic must've blown because I barely remember what you guys reviewed and we're talking about some racial thingy. You reviewed Doctor Doom from 1956, right?

Anyway, let me turn this thread into a Doctor Who fest as well with some pics

Courtney said...

*Sigh* never mind, these kinds of discussions are unresolvable. Plus you can't really have an opinion when you don't live here.

Oh and by the way, I've seen plenty of Australia. I've been everywhere man...

Tim, you know those wacky Dr.Doom comics I mentioned?
I tracked them down and they are Astonishing Tales #4 (Doom's vacation) and Thor 182 (Donald Blake acting like the medical professional he is, plus there's an appearance by an under-age aryan girl).

Did you get my freaking email?

XantesFire said...

Australian for stupid drunk.

I gotta listen to this episode real soon.

vichussmith said...

Yes this kind of conversation could go on forever. In fact, it does and I prefer that it be discussed imperfectly over it not being discussed at all.

Yeah, I can totally have an opinion, and my opinion is that if there's some Earth 2 where an aborigine girl (who would like to be ravaged by a supervillain after pulling off the crime of the century) talking to some white guy about racial issues, you would be pissed if that girl made blanket statements about people who have the same skin tone as you.

I don't live in Australia, but we have so many videos of black people in America acting disgusting and living in shit situations. AKA Detroit. OK, let me be fair, because there was this one video of this guy being beaten to death with a board in Chicago.

But let's not even make this a black thing. The whole issue about Aborigines being these drunk, violent weirdos may also fit with the Native Americans who are known to have a bit of an issue with liquor. I would not dismiss them all just because those stories are out there.

It's a bit harsh.

vichussmith said...

Xantes, you didn't listen to the episode? Someone should slap your knuckles.

XantesFire said...

I'm doing somewhat okay.


vichussmith said...

Maybe someone's going to translate so this relates to any of the current conversation.

Courtney said...

Well I don't think I can have any real opinion on native Americans or Mexicans. I don't live in America, so I don't know what they are like, never met one.

In Australia, Aborigines are a joke, you make racist comments about them and no one cares.

So it definitley has to do with what culture you are raised in.
Around here, my opinion on Aborigines is pretty much universal.

Oh and I don't know how you interpretted from my past comments that I meant no white person has ever gotten drunk and done something stupid.
Hell, there are plenty of horrible white people. I'm just saying Aborigines are worse.

vichussmith said...

Nahh, that's not quite true. Sure you can have an opinion, but just like me, it would not be an opinion based on personal experience.

Again, I have to compare this to white people in America. So making racist comments about aborigines and no one cares? Who are you saying these comments to, the aborigines themselves, or trusted and safe company? If it's jokes amongst friends, then of course no one cares.

Previously, I exaggerated to make a point. point. It felt like you peg Aborigines as this super savage, doing crimes no other Australian is up to, as if they were the reavers from Firefly.

Also, I'd like to argue your side for a moment, because what you say about the slack given to aboriginal crime interested me.

Then consider this, particularly the later section. As you know, aboriginals aren't all running around being a nuisance or committing horrible crimes. What about these other people?

I'm just wondering how negative sentiment towards aboriginals (which is justified because of their actions) has mutated into a greater racism and hatred. Are you searching as much on youtube for crimes against Aborigines as you do for crimes caused by Aborigines?

I'm just going on and on about this because I took so many classes in journalism back in college, and I can't just sit and say "Courtney's at ground Zero, so she has the whole story" I'm always curious about both sides of the story and multiple sources.

OK, let's get depressed

XantesFire said...

Wow, so far away from most of this episode's topics. And seem to be dwelling on a few important ones. Oh,well.

Oh man, I hate those songs. I remember hating them even back then. I enjoyed 50's songs better.

Pink gone away? I don't wear it but I always see guys wearing pink, they are usually gay or Chinese.

I think Joker used to have some nameless girl in the 40's or 50's they called the Joker's Moll, but I think she only appeared once or twice. Then she betrayed him to impress Batman.

While looking for Joker's Moll, Alternate Universe Courtney.

Luthor's wife and kid and the birth of the suit.

Star Sapphire's powers are from another world, they have different clothing tech. Figure a world of female warriors would develop titty clinging fabrics.

Peanut Brittle.

vichussmith said...

Rappers also wear pink, out of some sense of irony.

Courtney said...

That video about Aborginies, just look at the comments section. Alot of people being less diplomatic about it than I am.

That Donna Loren character was pretty cool. I don't remember her in Batman. But I was pretty young when I watched it.

vichussmith said...

Well internet commenters are idiots by default. It's like a sport with them.

If Jesus did a youtube video about his second coming, the messages would go like this:


OH, dude, this is so fake

racial slur

someone angry about racial slur

fight between two commenters

other people join in on the fight

some people try unsuccessfully to stop them

the original topic is ignored all together.