September 16, 2010

Episode 171: Cardboard People


Courtney said...

1) It's not pronounced Darkseed, it's Darkside. Get it? Otherwise the name makes no sense.
He was inspired by Darth Vader, who was in turn inspired by Dr.Doom.
It's all connected.

2) Mark Wall-berg, not Wahlborg.

3) Agent Smith, not Dr.Smith, why would he be a doctor?

Heroes used to be good, although I probably only liked it for Sylar.

Dexter is fantastic right the way through, the only other show that I follow religiously like that is Breaking Bad.

I watched a few episodes of Mad Men, but it's so boring, I don't get it.

THOOM said...

I saw the first two episodes when it came out and I was bored, too. And I am fascinated by the inner workings of Madison Avenue. The two episodes each had a subplot dealing with common knowledge legends of the advertising biz, which irked me.

It's like buying a book about Urban Legends and the book being full of stuff you've read before. The rest of the episode/story and characters in those episodes were boring to me.

XantesFire said...

Wow, you can hear Thoom drooling over the sleaze.

I like this new segment. What's it called? JD:Man for Fire.

"Anything you say can be considered racist..." True that, even Thoom got upset with a fellow co-worker for saying "nigger" after a day of personal stories/bonding.

Actually what if those kids are stealing? And her plan was to eliminate the only man around who could stop them- JAMES D. WATKINS, Mall Cop.

What's wrong with serial dramas? With the internet it should be real easy to keep track.

No, Hiro was working in the cubicle at his father's behest to learn the company from the bottom up. He rebelled by becoming a hero.

I blame Jeph Loeb for making Hero and Lost suck. So did his son, i.e. his suicide.

Darkseid was created in 1970, way before Darth Vader.

Vichus Smith said...

Courtney, it's a lost cause to teach some late middle-aged black men how to pronounce things. It's fun though!

BTW, JD called it "30 rock from the Sun" The show is 30 rock. 3rd Rock from the Sun is about a young Cobra Commander and his alien family.

Will JD ever learn that a) corporate America doesn't understand jokes and b) writing notes to co-workers is going to lead to trouble?

I hope JD gets a new job so he can continue to not watch youtube videos through his ancient computer and dial-up connection.

Ah, JD makes me miss that guy who Tim used to have on the show, the guy who insisted he wasn't gay. His name is fading from my memory.

Let me also school JD on the relationship between established actors and Hollywood. This is a visual representation of that relationship: Hollywood takes care of its people.

Speaking of Hollywood, here's John Travolta getting ready to take all those Oprah audience members to Australia.

THOOM said...

"Anything you say can be considered racist..." True that, even Thoom got upset with a fellow co-worker for saying "nigger" after a day of personal stories/bonding.

He was telling the stories. I was trying to get through the day with the blowhard.

He didn't say nigger, he called me a nigger, which is a perfect example of workplace harassment. Too bad he was suspended during the weekend of our Diversity Training Class. Of course he wouldn't have taken anything from the video and discussion, but probably would've been canned after he made some stupid comment or complimented the HR rep on her "cans" or something.


even Thoom got upset with a fellow co-worker for saying "nigger" after a day of personal stories/bonding.


More Possible Xantes Quotes:

"she even got upset when her co-worker grabbed her tits."

"the boss even got upset when he found out I embezzled several thousand dollars from the company."

vichussmith said...

Talking in the third person? VichusSmith finds this disturbing.

Maybe I remember this story wrong, but the white co-worker called you "Nigga" and since you're black and he's white, he might as well have said "dirty stinking Nigger" because America is a pro-hypocrisy country.

He was a cornball who thought that because he tasted some black cherry and hung out with some black people, he was basically black by association. He probably learned a lesson that he may have never gotten, but he had no intention of offense.

This is probably the naked woman from that obscure WaxWorks movie JD was talking about. In two years, when he reads this thread, he'll appreciate that.

vichussmith said...

I think that the guy thought you were 100 times more chummy with him than you actually were. It's like when people will get physically too close to you and you don't know them that well.

I believe that it's hypocritical to demean or to use any form of the word used to demean "your people" in your daily life. It's all or nothing with me concerning language. Either you can feel safe using it or the word should totally be done with.

I would love to get a transcript of what happened, because you continue to dismiss that there's Nigger and Nigga.

I think that this dude is awkward socially, and he doesn't realize that he can just be himself instead of "acting black" in the company of black people.

It feels, though, like you're making it out like some legal recourse should have been taken on this guy. There are so much worse interactions between a white guy and black guy that could have happened. I cannot defend his ignorance, but I am defending his level of ignorance.

Dave Chapelle could explain it better

XantesFire said...

Yeah, but you didn't say you showed or told him you were displeased with his stories until after he called you nigger.
In those other cases
"she even got upset when her co-worker grabbed her tits..." after they been talking about sex for hours and she seemed okay with it. That's similar.

"the boss even got upset when he found out I embezzled several thousand dollars from the company..." Actually this doesn't hit at all.

"Acting black" is even fake when done by some black people. Is "acting black" only legitimate only when done by blacks? What if they are raised "black"? Doesn't Thoom accept Eminem as "black"? Maybe the guy didn't think he was "acting black" maybe he thought he was "being black". He got suspended soon after right? Isn't that like "being black"? (See JD)

vichussmith said...

White people have the most problem with white people "acting black" and Black people have the most problem with the opposite.

My problem with white people complaining about "acting black" is that they act as if they own every white person, and if they emulate black culture, they are not acting as they are scripted to.

My problem with black people and "acting white" is that it's tied to being intelligent. "Oh, you're speking without any slang terms. You're acting white" That has always baffled me, and it keeps people down when maybe they're trying to get ahead in the world.

People stink.