September 29, 2010

Episode 174: JD goes to Jail

THOOM! has a falling out with Kingslee and JD gets arrested.



Courtney said...

Oh JD, he did something stupid but he didn't deserve to be locked up.
Unless, you know, being a dumbass is a crime over there.

XantesFire said...

Usually it's only a lockable crime if you're a black dumbass. And a Mexican dumbass in most of the southern states.

I blame my sister for me wanting to hear about the gay drama.

Sorry this gay drama is a bit lame. And sorry.

No reason to touch the bike. Have J.D. learn this, let it be his inner voice.

Then there's why didn't he remove one wheel and lock it with the other wheel and frame.

He should have called the police to report it. Forced the cops to come back to take down the report, then maybe gotten a ride home or to the nearest bus stop.

Why didn't JD call his lady cop friend. I forget, did that end bad, too?

Linsey's alcoholism is a self-sacrifice to save the world.

Vichus Smith said...

Tim, may I say that your "falling out with Kingslee is just about the most feminine- not even feminine because women have great fights- spat I have ever heard of.

You did hit him hard with that stuff about him not having any food. That must've wounded him because you're talking about a guy who might be literally starving for his art. He's black, too, so he must have bad credit on top of that.

I heard he was doing well though. Somebody told me he's so packed with meat that it's hard for him to fit it all in such a small space. Hmm.

Anyway, just make up with this dude. You seem like you want to burn bridges with everybody. Do you want to end up like JD?

Oh, JD, JD, JD. For a man Tim says "hates black people" JD is becoming more and more of a black American stereotype. JD went to jail? On a bait bike charge?? WTF?

Way back I saw an episode of cops where they had bait cars and bait bikes. You've gotta be real, well, JD, to pick up a random bike.

How do you think the Increasingly Poor Decisions of James D. Watkins is going to end? Is he going to be homeless? This man doesn't even know you can sign up for and renew unemployment online! Somebody help this man. Maybe JD needs a toothless white woman to set him straight. Or maybe a computer savvy person to teach him that you can upload videos on Youtube and embed them on your site.

Riding a bike to work...

Anonymous said...

From Kingsley's ass crack;

First of all, the falling out Tim had with my owner had nothing to do with personal taste and food. It was really about my fucked-up hairstyle. Second of all, JD is a dumbass for touching that bike. A grown ass man riding a bike to everywhere he goes?? WTF? What does this motherfucker thinks he is doing?

to the ball-licker Vichius Smith; i would love to have your ass behind bars with me so I can tear your rectum apart with my mexican dick.

to the owner of this site, suck my ass-crack.

vichussmith said...

Well, you are very forward, anonymous person (maybe JD shouldn't write in his own style of speaking if he wants to eliminate any doubt that he actually reads the blog).

I hope JD gets a new job soon, so we can eventually hear how some woman lead to his downfall- again- and he doesn't even get a blow job out of the deal.