September 26, 2010

Episode 173: Superman Meets T-Mafia

THOOM! reviews Superman #701



XantesFire said...

You can call yourself retro, but why bothering calling yourself retro if you're not. Same as if you called yourself straight but you think men's lips are beautiful. It's called "being in denial".

Yeah, this story is lazy in so many ways.

But, the public probably knows about red kryptonite because Superman would have to explain his unusual behavior so they will trust him.

He couldn't get sued, Superman asked permission and he probably didn't fly the reporter the full 10,000 ft.

He probably wants to experience an ordinary dining experience as Superman.

Oh I'm sorry, drugs dealers in poor areas being black, I guess that's not realistic to you.

If the dealers make a complaint to the cops, cops would have to check evidence of the fire, maybe even test the burnt substances and area that was burnt. And then they would also have evidence of possession and reasonable suspicion to get a court order to do random searches on their houses.

This is so lazy of the writers, if Superman can regularly come back to the neighborhood to chase the drug dealers away, then it should even easier to back track the drug trade and simply burn the fields.

And helping with the suicidal woman shows how lazy the writing is, he could have done as you say just grabbed and dumped her in an ambulance, but it might had traumatized her so he stays with her til she's ready. So he has time to stay with a mental case but can't spare the time to destroy the drug trade.

And dude, it's a female, they can cry for days. Sometimes for a reason, sometimes for nothing, sometimes just because it's Tuesday. Have you not met one?

Keith (Manticore) Knudsen said...

I agreed with most of what you said on this episode, Tim.
Just listening to you recount it made me laugh at some of the crap that's in it.
Don't worry, you're still retro. If someone wants this to be retro, they can come back in a few years and listen to it then.

Courtney said...

Actually, I think Trenchcoat looks like Michael Shanks, best known as Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG1.
But in terms of personality, yeah, he's Stuntman Mike.

I've only read Strazynski's Thor and I quite liked that. But this and Wonder Woman...Ugh.