October 4, 2010

Episode 176: Evil Woman

THOOM! reviews Teen Titans 42 (DC Comics, 1984)
with T-Mafia and Courtney



Keith 'Manticore' Knudsen said...

Dang, I'm only 10 minutes in, but there are so many things to comment on already!

1. Phil Collins was a master on the drums. Check out some of his work on his other band, 'Brand X'. Total instrumental jazz-fusion goodness. When Gabriel left, they only chose Phil to sing because he sounded a lot like Peter.
2. If you knew about drumming, you'd know that Ringo was/is? a very talented drummer. His style is very intricate but not overflashy like a lot of other drummers.
More later...

Keith 'Manticore' Knudsen said...

Starfire was well proportioned because George Perez is the man! He can draw his ass off!

Gar Logan is his real name, Beast Boy was when he was in the Doom Patrol...at this point in his superheroing career, he was called: 'Changeling'!

XantesFire said...

Garfield is less comic relief and more the comedian, he's less Plastic man's pal Woozy, who'll accidentally sit on a dynamite plunger and more like Spider-man's commenting on the absurdities of the situations. Cartoon Network's Teen Titan's Garfield was more of a comedy relief.

So if the Punisher is a villain, is Big Daddy one too?

Depressing that the only new CC & TCM isn't on the main podcast.

Courtney said...

"Depressing that the only new CC & TCM isn't on the main podcast."

You'll have to take that up with management, sir.

Comic relief or not, all I know is Beast Boy is annoying as hell.

We don't see as much of Big Daddy as we do of the Punisher. But the Punisher seems more reckless, pathological and he's responsible for ALOT more deaths than Big Daddy.
Big Daddy was pretty much just focused on taking down Genovese/D'Amico (what's up with the name change btw? Movie afraid to piss of the Italians?)

So yeah, he'd definitley fall into the anti-hero category.

Oh and all I know about drumming is my dad was a drummer and...Yeah, that's pretty much it.
I tend to listen to electronic and orchestral music, so there's not alot of real drums involved.

THOOM said...

What's is a "main podcast"? What really sucks is that I can't get any good commentors like Wreck Roar, Vichus Smith, Manticore or T-Mafia. Instead I get comments from XantesAssCrack. Every episode.

THOOM said...

If you knew about drumming, you'd know that Ringo was/is??

I heard his ass got replaced on the studio sessions for Sgt. Pepper.

Courtney said...

That's terrible and yet I laugh. Time for bed, I think.

XantesAssCrack said...

I haven't said a thing in months.

While I am here I might as well say how much I love and respect this podcast. And I wish you would kiss and make up with that brilliant and sexy co-host Kingsley.

Vichus Smith said...

I would so fuck Grace Jones. I would fuck Serena Williams too, so apparently I am insane, at least according to the internet.

Grace Jones' influence extends to even this day, where Kanye's bald, sexy-ass henchwoman Amber Rose took a pose from Grace Jones

I like Phil Collins' voice, but I don't really know a lot of his music.

I also like Foo Fighters, a drummer from Nirvana putting out his own band that actually had great success on their own.

If not for Lionel Richie, who I guess traded babies like Darkseid, we would never have known of Nicole Richie, who is fun to look at because she's so odd.

I like Starfire, but maybe that's because of the totally inappropriate fan art that's out there. I think she should be with Dick Grayson, over anyone else.

vichussmith said...

OH, hold on a second! Tim, sit back and enjoy this. First off, Courtney's pronunciation of weeaboo is WRONG! It's pronounced much like how it's spelled. ALSO, there are two accepted pronunciations of anime. I made that mistake a little while back, because the other pronunciation sounds weeaboo-ish and pretentious. There is only one pronunciation of manga, though, as far as I know.

ON TOP OF THAT How would a NICKELodeon be operated using a PENNY?

Courtney said...

It's spelt weebo, I pronounced it as weebo, granted with an Australian/British accent, but I said it correctly.
Don't correct people when you're wrong.

And the Nickelodeon thing, weird I thought I said coin. As an Australian you think the term would be the one I would instinctivley use.

vichussmith said...

Oh, I'm wrong?

Maybe in Australia, but I've always heard it spelled and pronounced that way. When it comes to nitpicky annoying bullshit, who is more of an expert than I?

BTW, you guys were talking about tv and movies:

1. I hope that Megan fox comes NOWHERE near the Wonder Woman TV show.

2. What does everyone thing about the Young Justice cartoon designs?

Oh, and also, what do you think about Terra just being used as a Black Adam punching bag now?

Courtney said...

Hmm, guess it's a to-may-to to-ma-to situation.

Yeah Megan Fox has been associated with WW and it pisses me off. They need an actual woman to play her, not some plastic bitch.

Honestly, I hadn't even heard of Young Justice until now. But it looks brilliant.
It's produced by the guy who did Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles, so that's hopeful.

The character designs and animation are gorgeous.

vichussmith said...

I don't even care about her looks. She should never be the lead on anything, whether it be a film or a movie. Her acting STINKS! I thought she was OK in the first Transformers, but the second Transformers and Jonah Hex proved me wrong, so damn wrong.

XantesFire said...

I thought we gone thru this before. Courtney just sounds different because she talks upside down. Not her fault just her locale.

I'm not sure about Young Justice.

Chinese Young Justice.

I probably would sleep with Grace Jones too but her unisexual face, is too scarey to see first thing when I wake up.

Megan Fox is a good actress for her niche role of young vapid pretty girl, it's when they try to make her into a love interest or anything of substance that she can't get out of that paper bag. I didn't even understand what Fox was doing most of the time in the first Transformers.

vichussmith said...

Ummmm, that type of young justice goes over well with the yaoi fans, but not with the DC Comics crowd so much.

Megan Fox is only good for one thing: taking care of the great (not has-been like Tim believes) BAG's bag. She is quite the waste, and i'd rather see her as a model than as an actor.