October 5, 2010

Episode 177: Vainglorious

THOOM! talks about Teen Titans: Judas Contract and other things
with T-Mafia and Courtney



XantesFire said...

Dark Shadows was fun even though it is a bit dated. It was a soap with a redeemed vampire, ghosts, witches, zombies, demons, gods, time travel, werewolves, alternate timelines and even the Leviathans, a Lovecraft type threat. I shudder to think, Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, The Barnabas Collins.

Throwing nukes into the sun was stupid, waste of resources, nukes can be repurposed for energy sources, space tech, computers, fuel, etc.

Superman gave Batman the kryptonite.

Mr Mxyzptlk, 5th dimension jew.

Courtney said...

I just noticed I was the one who swore the most in this episode.
I blame Kevin Smith. I've been listening to Smodcast and watching his movies lately.

Keith (Manticore) Knudsen said...

I believe there was nothing wrong with Disco Nightwing's outfit. I actually get comissions from different artists where Disco Nightwing is first on the list. I've gotten them from different people like Julian Lytle, SuperUgly, Dave Dwonch, Gabriel Hardman, Dave Wachter and the man himself, George Perez, among others. Perez told me he orginally wanted the collar to be able to be folded over like a hood when Dick needed it but it never panned out. Tim, if you had a forum, I could post the pictures of the different sketches and then y'all couldn't deny the awesomeness that is the disco-collared Nightwing!

It's CHANGELING, not Beast Boy. They made Gar in that damn cartoon a boy and he wasn't!

Courtney said...

Changeling, so you've said, but we didn't know that at the time of the recording, we can't change (no pun intended) what we said after the fact.

And if you like Disco!Nightwing, you sir are no Tim Gunn, heh.
I don't even know where to start with what's wrong with it.
The collar and low neckline are the biggest offenders and what's up with the yellow bits? I get that it's supposed to reflect the bird theme, but it's a bit too literal. Overall, it's very dated.

Modern Nightwing on the otherhand is simple, streamlined and very sexy! I love it when guys cosplay as him.

You can link to photos, that's about as advanced as blogspot gets.

Keith (Manticore) Knudsen said...

Trenchcoat, why the Kyle Rayner hate? He recreated the Corps AND the Guardians, held the Ion power from any negative influence. He's always losing his girlfriends and his Mom was killed by a Yellow Lantern but presses on to save the galaxy on a daily basis! He's an artist so his constructs are normally the most interesting or at least the most elaborate. He's an 'average joe' amongst these other super egos (like Guy Gardner) and you just can't give him a break? Needless to say Kyle's my favorite GL. :D

THOOM said...

Trenchcoat is just one of those Hal Jordan fanboys who never got over the fact that Hal went evil and was replaced by Kyle.

T Mafia said...

Isn't Gar back to "Beast Boy" again, anyway? Not that I'm gonna pretend to know for sure; the various Titans books have been unreadable for years now.

Hal Jordan is a great hero. Kyle Rayner is a marketing gimmick. Hey, kids! Wouldn't you rather have a Green Lantern that's young like you and into comics like you and fucks one hot babe after another like-- uh, well okay, forget that one!

See the "Poochie" episode of Simpsons: a funnier attack on the cynically-conceived Kyle Rayner "type" than I can come up with personally.

PS to Tim, being possessed by an alien entity isn't exactly "going evil". You must be thinking of your hero (alcoholic murderer Tony Stark) again.

Vichus Smith said...

Why's Thoom calling my name out, like I'm his fucking arch enemy. Geez.

Anyway, Garfield needs to make up his damn mind. He's beast boy, he's Changeling. Whatever he is, he can't hide that massive hardon in his pants whenever Raven comes around.

I'd rather have the Teen Titans cartoon not getting it "rignt" over not having the show on at all. You think Courtney would be doing podcasts like this if not for that cartoon?

No matter what music they put behind that Jonah Hex trailer, I'm not seeing it. I don't think Megan Fox even knows that the south exists, because her accent in the trailer is maliciously horrendous.

The Spirit was not as bad as the fanboys went on about it, but Frank Miller is a complete lunatic.

Courtney said...

'I'd rather have the Teen Titans cartoon not getting it "rignt" over not having the show on at all. You think Courtney would be doing podcasts like this if not for that cartoon?'

And what's that supposed to mean?
You think I don't read comics if there's not a TV or movie adaptation of it? WTF.
I was merely referencing the cartoon because that's the only re-telling of this story out there, you know, an intertextual reference.

Anonymous said...

I promise that in this case I was not trying to be sinister.

I assumed that the Teen Titans cartoon contributed to your interest in reading Judas Contract. Am I completely wrong?

Courtney said...

You said it like I would never have wanted to read this had I never seen the cartoon. I would have come across it eventually.

But you have made comments in the past about how I must be ignorant because I am a kid.

Anonymous said...

Yes, way back you were young and naive.

Now you're all adult so I see you as aged and wise. ;)

Courtney said...

Uh no, this was about two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Er, um, you didn't just have a birthday?

Anonymous said...

Courtney, you might like this

Courtney said...

It's always an interesting topic to think about.

To quote Lincoln 'When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.'

The article also mentioned the influence of family and friends.
I don't think I could ever do anything that upset my mother and not feel guilty about it.
'Why did you hurl that bus full of people into the sun Courtney, why?!'

But I just know, as unpredictable and unbalanced as I am, it would only take a moment for me to go too far.
Where is the line between justice and vengeance? Would I go far as to kill someone?

But with all that power am I really going to take orders from mere mortals?

I don't know, I don't think I'd be a villian, I'd be too afraid of people trying to take me down.

Anonymous said...

We all know you'd never be a villain. You'd be a villain enthusiast! There's no harm in cheering on a thief, for instance, as he continues to elude the cops.

Courtney, I would imagine you as the type who would hide a guy if he's being hunted down for horrific crimes. Hey, if moms, siters and brothers hide their family members from Johnny Law, why can't a random fan?

Courtney said...

Oh man, so many plot bunnies running through my mind!
I have always said that giving a supervillain a fangirl would make an excellent comic. It worked for Harley Quinn.

I'm trying to think of a supervillain who would actually go on the run.
Most of my favourites are above the law or are too smart to be caught.

There was that Scarecrow comic we reviewed for Halloween on PCX awhile ago. The girl in that comic should have been grateful that Scarecrow took revenge on her enemies, but typically she was not and Batman came along and ruined it all anyway.

But it would have been awesome if she was a fangirl and she became a sidekick and oh I would totally read that!

But for now I will make do with pretending I am Lex Luthor's sex-bot *ahem* I mean Lois-bot from those Action Comics.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Lex, do you think Lex is asexual or just so narcissistic that his love of himself doesn't allow for him to love women?

Courtney said...

He's been with plenty of women over the years. Someone I'd define as asexual is Ozymandias, but Lex's problem is more that he can never stay in a relationship too long because he's selfish.