October 12, 2010

Episode 178

THOOM! reviews Elvira's House of Mystery (DC, 1986)


Courtney said...

Traditionally promos for upcoming episodes are played at the end of a show, you know that right?
I honestly thought I'd accidently clicked to the end.

The Elvira movie was fun, I quite like her. Evidently you like her ALOT.

Vichus Smith said...

Well, we can make an exception sine this Superman/Batman debate has been teased for so long.

Roman Polanski? Who- OHHH, you mean the Patron Saint of Trenchcoat Mafia.

So Tim, you didn't jerk it until you were 21? I hope this wasn't because someone tricked you into thinking that there was a legal jerking age.

I watched Elvira (well, some of the movies) and Up all night, but that was nothing to get too worked up for, even when I was young. It's probably because I had already learned how to get scrambled porn out of my cable box.

XantesFire said...

What? The whole movie is a gimmick, they Americanized it. Better special effects. Better film quality, etc. They could have just dubbed if they wanted to, just like they do plenty of other foreign films. But they rather do it over because it's relatively a cheap movie to remake.

Why would showing a kid walking barefoot in the snow annoy you? Shouldn't it bother you and make you feel pity? But you're saying the actress annoyed you because she was walking barefoot in the snow as per the script they gave her? I thought you understood acting. Or am I missing something? Now you can easily say something like I'm missing some brain matter or you could explain yourself, why did you find her annoying because she was walking barefoot in the snow? And that her feet were dirty?

Rhonda Shears? I hated her

Guess I'm weird, I was never attracted to Elvira. Her appearance didn't seem right and her jokes were corny. I preferred her when she took off the disguise to reveal a yummy redhead.

Married after only a few days? Ridiculous? Yes, but it happens, alot.

Castles in Maine.

vichussmith said...

I can tell you hate Rhonda Shear. You hate her so much, apparently, that you added an s to the end of her name.

Elvira's jokes were corny by design. They weren't going for great stand-up or anything.

BTW, Rhonda Shear also looks alright for an older woman.

Xantes, Tim you know what the couples counselor said about you two fighting: this only makes the children cry more.

Let's all agree that remakes should never be made, everyone should watch the subtitled, foreign originals, and the book is always better than its adaptation.

XantesFire said...

The "s" stands for "She sounds like a small dog I wanna kick". Last thing I would want to hear late night while trying to get thru a movie.

Yeah I know Elvira was corny by design, it's just to me since the visual was no good, the audio stunk too.

No, remakes can, in theory, be good, as long as they aren't just making the remake just to make the remake, like Psycho, it was almost screen by screen the same movie, or to be totally different like Godzilla, or because they want an English version, okay maybe if the original stunk, but if it did good, why bother? Some remakes can be good like Peter Pan.

Courtney said...

It really does make people sound ignorant to say they hate reading subtitles or will only watch American movies.
That said, Let the Right One In wasn't that spectacular to me anyway.

I don't get the point of remakes, especially in this case where the original is literally only a few years old.

Give me something new please!

vichussmith said...

Without ignorance, neither Thoom nor Podcast X would exist. Rather, they wouldn't have any listeners.

XantesFire said...

Hey, the comments keep disappearing for episode 179. What gives? Is it a glitch or am I being kicked off this porch?

vichussmith said...

Oh, you're ahead of me, because I haven't listened to that ep yet. Seeing as how you're usually the first person to post comments, and Tim HAAAATES you at the moment, it might be "owner moderation."

Keith 'Manticore' Knudsen said...

Here you go, Tim:
I can't stop seeing THOOM now when I read my comics. I actually look forward to when I do see it!

Thoom said...

Thanks for the compliment Keith. At least, I will take it as compliment.

Keith 'Manticore' Knudsen said...

Yeah, it's a compliment. And the one I scan has two Nazis getting blown up. You can't get any better than that!