November 13, 2010

Episode 183

THOOM! updates you on some of his recent activities and reviews the movies MegaMind, RED and Skyline.

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Vichus Smith said...

Aw, Tim, I knew you were over there crying girl tears over Trenchcoat.

Let's just cut some words here and there to get to the root of the issue " problems" OK, now I get it.

See, as bad as a heart attack is, I was wondering if there was anything else. Trenchcoat's crew were implying that he couldn't speak for himself. I guess having strokes is what they left out. Damn, having a stroke is terribly fucked up. Trenchcoat could be in Dick Clark territory. I bet even if his speech is messed up, his pronounciation will be better than Tim's. :)

THOOM said...

As I said on this episode, I would've had 3 shows out 10 days ago if my monitor didn't die (I had to pay 180 bucks for my new monitor) and subsequent actions caused my main desktop to fuck up, and the debate would've been up two weeks ago if I wasn't at work or some event for the last two weeks of October.

Anonymous said...

Why did all your stuff happen to fuck up all at once? You have the Scarlet Witch as a neighbor?

At least you didn't lose the damn debate. I didn't even know it was done!

Anonymous said...

Just a side note:

HOLY SHIT! Courtney's doing art for TGWTG now? Nice.

Courtney said...

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice.

MikeMyersBrunch said...

I can't believe you thought Skyline was better than Red. Dude we need to talk.

Have any of you heard if TCM is out of the hospital yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he liked Skyline at all, but this is the world of Thoom. I heard that aside from the action and effects, Skyline is horrendously bad.

THOOM said...

Trenchcoat is still in the hospital, but the last I heard, he was awake, unable to talk and communicating by writing. Then I heard he had to wear restraints to keep from pulling about his g-tube.

That's why we go to see movies like Skyline: for the action and FX. I thought some of the characters were annoying, but there actions made sense and I didn't think the movie was boring.

Anonymous said...

I have heard horrifically terrible things about this movie. As I type this, I have just listened to a review of it, and it sounds incredibly bad. Not just the acting, but the fact that you can see the bounds of the budget in where it takes place.

I know it was made for a limited budget, but maybe they should have sprung for a little bit more just to be able to shoot in more locations.

Also, I hear the ending is goofy as shit.

XantesFire said...

K probably wanted a haunted glory hole. (this was the Halloween party episode right? I had my comments saved on my email but due to a computer virus I been unable to get to my stuff.)

(Scarlet Witch fever got me too.)

THOOM said...

Wow. XantesFire. i hadn't seen a post from you in awhile. I though maybe I would never hear from you again.

Way to get a guy's hopes up.

Remember the days when Scarlet Fevers and Computer viruses did what the fuck they were supposed to do, and eliminated muthafuckas?

XantesFire said...

I'll probably still be here after everyone is long gone.

Anonymous said...

That would really, really, really be a depressing outcome. The Book of Xantes Boy, that would blow.

XantesFire said...

Probably won't be a Book of Xantes, my terminal procrastination would kill it.