November 19, 2010

Episode 185: Commerce

THOOM! and JD talk about the Green Lantern trailer, old movies, buying used bikes at pawn shops and working in a novelty store.

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XantesFire said...

Let me buy him a new phone.

We already established that K sees gay people in movies. Like most of us see guys fighting and think, "Guys fighting, bloody lips. He should have ducked." K see guys fighting and he thinks, "What beautiful bloody lips."

Go online, they got a bunch of tricks on youtube
and other sites.

Segway fail No 9- not zombies safe.

It wasn't an ordinary
segway. It was a special off road segway.

Vichus Smith said...

JD is right. I am a loser. I mean I ride a bike to get around, I can't afford Netflix, I've been to jail, my TV screen is pitifully small and not even in HD- OH, WAIT. I must be mixing myself up with someone else.

The girl from A Different World JD mentioned is Cree Summer She must be real old now- probably as old as Tim. She's no Jasmine Guy, unfortunately.

Even if you don't remember her face, she's done hundreds of voices for damn near every cartoon out there.

Tim, with a "wielder of magic" being a frequent guest on your podcast, why haven't you ever done a Zatanna or a Doc Strange comic with him?