November 20, 2010

Episode 186: Cleaning House

THOOM! gives away comics and JD reviews a couple of comics.


XantesFire said...

What you got against actual collectors? I do sometimes take some of my favorite series and take a day reading them to decompress from the real world.

Guess they shoulda been unique like Thoom Vs. Howard the Duck. Boris was a satire and was purposely parodying the rest of the comic book industry.

Vichus Smith said...

We have Metro PCS on the east coast. So you have VOIP and you don't know what that means? That basically means that it's an internet phone.

I wanted to read Ant, but hat was mostly because I heard some controversy about the creator. I never actually heard good criticism about the book. I was just optimistic about a young black creator who had this black superhero.

It could be good, though, because Tim, I don't know if you know this, but you hate a lot of comics. Maybe you need to start reading wordless children's books or something. Maybe some Owly or Gon.

I read Tankgirl: Visions of Booga. That wasn't a really good mini, especially compared to the previous one.

Good luck selling stuff on craigslist. I'd rather use eBay to sell because I'd rather mail people stuff and have paypal as a go-between for me instead of trusting strangers fully. Craigslist doesn't have a ratings system, so some underhanded asshole could buy your stuff just as well as an honest person can.

Speaking of eBay, you think eBay's too much of a hassle? Soccer moms use it! I also don't know what you mean by "it takes too long." The process to list an item maybe takes 2 minutes and you can set an auction for as few days as you want.

Superman/Batman Apocalypse was very good. One of the best animated films DC's put out, probably since New Frontier. Nice pronunciation of Darkseid, fucking JD.

THOOM said...

I'm not trying to sell the comics. I just want to give them away. And Ant is an awful comic book. It's a Flashback to the first two years of Image Comics that weren't Spawn. Even Savage Dragon sucked back then.

vichussmith said...

Yeah, you can do free giveaways on eBay too, and local pickup.

The big advantage to craigslist is that everyone is equal there, so you have a higher chance of your stuff being seen.

I think you would have better luck with comics on eBay though, or maybe just handing them out at a con.