January 10, 2011

Episode 199: The Guys With The Golden Voices

Tim and JD talk about Shazam/Superman: The Return of Black Adam, the Man With the Golden Voice, Ted Williams.


Keith Knudsen said...

Y'all had me rolling with this one!

Anonymous said...

from anyomous bitch;

this shit was flat out crazy as hell!! like it.

Vichus Smith said...

It doesn't surprise me that "anonymous" liked this episode of the podcast. What makes it even more interesting is that awnonymous had to point out that he was anonymous.

Is this Susan Kwik? Hubba, hubba! I hope that's her, because the other Susan Kwik I found has no chin.

The ENZTIRE Superman/Shazam DVD was GREAT! I don't know what JD was talking about. I felt that Jonah Hex and The Spectre were especially good.

Tim, I guess you didn't see that Notorious movie, because not only does the Biggie character bang the Lil Kim character, but it's actually a hot scene! I'm shocked that a scene involving a fat dude could be so sexy.

AHEM! Anyway, let's focus on JD again. JD keeps talking about his movies, but the year is now 2011, and I still have not seen any video with JD in it since that little crappy spoof he did on Cloverfield years ago (or whatever it was)

You would think that with all the totally free streaming video websites out there, JD would invest in a digital camcorder, or at least a webcam, and have his own youtube channel. This guy doesn't even know how to use FREE web space to his advantage, but he sure knows how to write crappy, useless emails filled with capital letters!

Oh, just a note about The Dark Knight Rises (I still think that's a lazy name for the sequel). The guy from Inception is most likely going to be playing the villain, Hugo Strange, not Bruce Wayne or Batman.

THOOM said...

No, that is not the correct Susan Kwik. It's the one with no chin.

Seeing your appreciation for the "body of work" for the lead actor in Notorious, I got a friend I'd like to hook you up with. He's a movie critic and up and coming director. He also appreciates Men On Film. But he likes his with bloody lips.
Why are you busting on JD for his crappy "anonymous" posts and piss poor, "AOL-user" level of tech savvy? I'd think you'd know by now that that's JD: "talk big game, deliver no game."

THOOM said...

Thanks Keith!

vichussmith said...

I'd still bang the one with no chin, but I don't know why JD would sweat her- or why he would masquerade as her former boyfriend.

I can't help calling JD on his nonsense. It's like asking Superman to not fly- or like asking JMS to stay on a book and finish his run on time.

THOOM said...

Actually, your link is the Susan Kwik we were talking about. JD only stalks hot chicks.

vichussmith said...

OK, so, um both Susan Qwiks are right, but for different reasons? I bet JD could score neither of them.

XantesFire said...

Where's the Myers guy to call you out? Usually Thoom wants the sleaze. But not now?

Homeless use newspaper for warmth, he probably read it while shivering.

They are also scavengers so they probably find radios all the time.

Shazam used to be more popular than Superman.

Just let JD know that the Spectre is the spirit that killed the first borns of Egypt, and you'll see him become the Spectre's biggest fan.

Wonder if you can still scare him off with goat's blood.

Fedex is not destroying USPS. USPS still does much of the lower value packaging, what's destroying them is they no longer have the constant letter service.
Almost everyone is emailing, nowadays.

We read comics, alternate realities is standard to us.

Dark Knight Rises? Sounds like more Porno Batman.