January 16, 2011

Episode 200: The World's Finest Debate

THOOM, Courtney and Trenchcoat Mafia review World's Finest #113 (DC Comics, 1960)


Vichus Smith said...

So, uh, I guess everything's finally solved? I think we should blame all Trenchcoat's health problems on aboriginies.

Here's a Doom related thing for Courtney.

I realized that whether we choose Superman or Batman, we all lose, because they are equally sucky.

Aquaman 4 Lyfe!

Courtney said...

Your links don't work

vichussmith said...

Ah, well, that killed the timing.

Let's try this again

vichussmith said...

Oh, this is the more important link

Courtney said...

Of course I've heard of MF Doom, I like that music video and the background music, now if only he could stop taking over the top of it.
Oh wait, is that what rap is supposed to be?

vichussmith said...

Alright, rocknrolla. Easy, easy.

XantesFire said...

You should check out the old Superman radio show, it shows what clowns Batman and Robin really are. They get caught or hurt all the time, one episode has Batman getting shot in the leg and Robin goes to Superman for help. Superman shows up and bust heads real quick. Robin even quipped to Batman before he got shot, ”Come on Batman, you can comb your hair later.” As he's too slow.

Superman's straight but it took him a while to pick Lois cause it means he's settling. It's been proven, Superman can get almost any female. Lois can wait.

He had cultural reasons not to marry his cousin, he does it that way cause he's ethical.

But Batman's American.

Isn't 30 days set in Alaska?
So he's an Australian writing about Americans.

Actually back in the 90's, before Red Son, I remember reading a book of alternate versions of Superheroes, one of the stories was of a Superman type landing in Russia but he is quickly sent to the US because he was planning on fighting corruption, and he does a lousy job of superheroing because he focuses on social issues and is taken advantage of.

If you don't mind bleeding how about making menstrual blood art?

There were implications that Pietro and Wanda were incestuous since the Brotherhood of Evil Mutant days.

In Irredeemable, their Superman equivalent took out their Batman equivalent quick.

Gay Superman would have a dungeon.

Incentive would be Polaroids of Courtney.

Courtney, don't blame Starhawk for your delusions of asexuality.

Original Crisis was fun I got almost every issue except the Westerns n Warlock comics. Don't know what you're complaining about, it was fun learning about more characters and their history.

The craziest thing to me about the first Crisis is if you believe that the multiverse does exist then they just destroyed billions of universes filled with gazillions of lives.

Unkara-duh its rape that how sleazy Sleaze is suppose to be. Of course Thoom likes Sleaze, just not fictional Sleaze. Celebrity sleaze especially.