February 28, 2011

Episode 203: Homage

THOOM! talks about the passing of Dwayne McDuffie with guest Derek Crabbe, from the web series History of Comics to Film.

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XantesFire said...

Where does Derek blog? His audio kept screwing up at times, it sounded like he said he blogs at "buttfuck". But that's more of a "K" thing.

Did McDuffie die young? Don't black people die younger? He was an old man for a black man.

I like Tiny Titans, they got so many hidden sex messages. I'm surprised that TCM hasn't reviewed one, oh, right...

Always thought this was the best one.

Sucky songs are the main reason I can bear the top ten.

Just cause she's green doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to tan. But since her green skin is gamma ray caused it seems that regular sunlight shouldn't have an effect.

Best thing about The Superman/Big Barda sex scandal is Darkseid handing Scott a VHS tape. I just reread those issues and dammit it, it doesn't seem like they had sex. I think originally I was fooled they did because of the 30 day wait between the issues. You get the impression they had plenty of time for Sleez to make them play for him. I do think Big Barda had sex with the ash-crawler Sleeze had. Why else would you bring a tentacled creature form Apokolips if you're not gonna make porn with it? Sleez is probably the creator of tentacle sex in the DC universe.