January 23, 2011

Episode 202: Old Man Logan

THOOM and JD review Wolverine: Old Man Logan


Vichus Smith said...

JD's a fucking fool. Also, the sky is blue.

Janeane Garofalo has been working in TV and film pretty consistently. Look up a little show called 24, JD. Then look up another show, The West Wing. I'm thinking I'd bang her. I still don't know why. There's nothing special about her. Because she wears glasses, maybe?

I also think that people gave a lot of shit to X-men 3 and Iron Man 2 that they didn't deserve. I think Sam Rockwell was pretty damn good in IM2.

Speaking of movies, I will not doubt Nolan again, after Heath Ledger. If you want to see why Hathaway and Hardy were cast, check out two films: Bronson and Havok.

JD has these phone problems, but why does he need a phone? Who's he calling? Not any prospective employers to get a better job. Sounds like JD would be just as well if he had a landline phone.

OH, let me not forget that JD spent 2 minutes wondering about giant green dicks. Too bad JD and Kingslee don't live in the same state...

Anonymous said...

vichus smith's son;

hi, i am vichus smith's bastard son. my father is a straight up faggooot. plus his writings suck ass too. good night daddy!!!

vichussmith said...

Looks like SOMEBODY is salty about his skills as a director blowing monkey cock.

Ha ha! My "writings" suck ass. If you let me doctor your scripts, maybe they wouldn't be so laughable, "son."

Courtney said...

OMG, someone wrote a new comment, the first in weeks!

Also, I should probably mention that everyone I care about seems to be having heart attacks because my dad just had one last week. Everyone should run for their fucking lives. get as far away from me as you can!

Apparenly Philadelphia wasn't far enough away for Trenchcoat.

vichussmith said...

Seriously? Wow, sorry to hear that

Thoom said...

Courtney, I am sorry to hear that. How is your father doing now? How is everyone else doing?

Courtney said...

Dad's doing just fine, but it was certainly a wake up call for him to change his life style.
You can get away with a diet of cigarettes, coke and chips for only so long.

He was in hospital over-night and has spent the last few days just resting at home mostly watching How I Met Your Mother.

I've never seen the man be serious in his entire life and even when we went to visit him in the hospital he was making us laugh.
Granted that could have been the drugs he was on.

Though it was pretty scary waking up to the sound of him writhing in agony and vomiting pretty much non-stop.
He didn't bother to wake anyone and by the time I got up the ambulance had already arrived.
Not much I could have done anyway even with first aid.

vichussmith said...

Coke as in cocaine, or the soda? Chips as in Lays or chips like the Brits call french fries?

Courtney said...

Crisps and coke-a-cola.

vichussmith said...

Too bad for your dad. Now he has to eat "healthy" food, which is food that tastes terrible. I think he can keep the chips, at least.

Everything else has to go. I have given up soda. I only drink soda if I go to a fast food place, and that's maybe once every 4 months.

Courtney said...

He's basically eating like me now, all organic, wholemeal or whole grain, reduced salt and reduced fat everything.
He has chips and coke every once in awhile but as soon as he got out of hospital it was a complete lifestyle change and he did it willingly.
Now if only he'd done it sooner.

vichussmith said...

I don't know what's sadder: having a heart attack, or having to eat healthy from now on.

XantesFire said...

Hulk not happy(NSFW).

He should check with the garderners.

Guy and a kid? You mean Lone Wolf and Cub?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Heyo, since this is the most direct way of responding, just wanted to say that yeah I got your e-mail and yeah I'd be more than happy to be on THOOM - it's just my e-mail is down at the moment so I can't respond and work out a time. XD

Thoom said...


I am currently very flexible on Fri, Sat, Sunday. If these none days are good for you, let me know.

skype name: tterrell2

twitter: tthoom

Courtney said...

I want to be in on that too. I'm free on the weekend.