March 8, 2011

Episode 205: "You're Superman, I'm Lex Luthor"

Tim and Courtney talk about the All Star Superman Animated movie, Trenchcoat Mafia and their upcoming interview with Linkara


XantesFire said...

Just because a retarded kid gets hit by a car doesn't mean retards aren't funny. If it worked by that logic you shouldn't laugh at comedians because one of them must have gotten hit by a car. Did you laugh at Richard Pryor for his horible "accident"?

The Lex in All-Star would be Pre-Crisis Lex, Pre Crisis Lex only became a criminal because he lost his hair. If Superboy hadn't caused his hair loss Lex would have became a science hero. In fact he was such a nice guy, he was working on a formula to make Superboy invulnerable to kryptonite at the time of the incident. I think it was in the Superman movie that Lex was shown evil even as a kid.

That's cause DC Cartoons are fun, when DC went serious with Doomsday it sucked big time. Marvel cartoons are too stuffy (except for Spider-man). Althought Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is fun.

If you were going to be a superhero in today's world and you didn't know how to make a costume, what would you do? Go online and look for a cosplay costume maker. I think some of the better stories are when it shows Spider-man is not the costume.

vichussmith said...

First off, thanks for reading my Twitter, Tim. I only tweet everything about anything that's even slightly geek related. Arenn't that guys on there? I would think they would at least tell you about the new Conan.

No disrespect at all to Linkara, but you're acting like the president's having a sit down with you. Take a deep breath. I bet even Linkara's not as serious about himself as you are for your episode with him to go well. He's a dude sitting on the couch in front of a camera, and sometimes he does skits with silly effects.

I know he's one of the best things about TGWTG, but you're peers (even though your fanbase is pitiable and you don't put a lot of effort into your show).

Courtney, Generator Rex is good, but what I LOVED on Cartoon Network was Sym-bionic Titan. That is a brilliant show.

Now it's time for rebuttal. I will gladly stand up for the Spider-man trilogy, even parts of the third movie. So feh to Courtney and the fanboys who hate those films. It's corny, but There's a lot to love about the films overall.

Speaking of Spider-man, BM Bendis always talks about how the suits basically took out Spider-man goofing on Green Goblin and a less Power Rangers looking outfit. People in suits are never funny nor talented.

Finally, the gingers. It's not exactly racism, but if you're a redhead, chances are you're Irish. So there you go, semi-racism. Plus, I'd like to see you kids go into an "unfamiliar neighborhood" and call people monkeys like you call these 90lbs soaking wet redheads orangutans. Easy pickings, isn't it?

Vichus Smith said...

Oh, forgot to add: I would argue for DC animated films having more successful films than Marvel. Especially when you look at the lameness that was the Iron Man animated film YECH!

Plus DC has a great casting director, and they had Dwayne McDuffie until, well, yeah.

I am interested in the anime co-production. I heard the Iron Man anime isn't good (AGAIN an Iron Man animated isn't good!) but the Wolverine one is, and the trailer for the X-men series looks really good so far.

Courtney said...

It's cute how nervous Tim was about the Linkara interview.

I had alot of fun with it and Linkara is one of the friendliest and easiest to talk to people I have ever met.

Tim, the editing could have been tighter in this podcast. I mean did we really need to include the thirty second bit of dead air as my dad mowed the lawn outside my window?

The Irish have black hair, it's the Scots with the red hair. There's a big difference.

Wouldn't hold my breathe for that X-Men anime, being that it's Japanese and all.

YotaruVegeta said...
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vichussmith said...

Until now, has Tim ever edited anything? This is why Tim can't do a TGWTG show.

Noooo, Irish people have red hair. But if it was just Scots, my little point would still stand. Gingers are people too. If The Doctor finally got his wish, would you make fun of him?

Keep holding your "breathe" because it's coming out on G4 TV, as is the Blade anime series.

Anonymous said...


first I could not hear the audio because it's fucked up because it is from ILN (Industrial Light & Nigga), second, THE BEST motion-comic is called IRON MAN; EXTREMIS. It is on par with another motion-comic OR video-comic. YOU ARE ALL MY BITCHES!!!! FOREVER.

vichussmith said...

I think you may want to spend a couple more years in the library, ANONYMOUS, before you try to school us on what the best comic of all is.

I mean, EVERYONE knows that Omaha the Cat Dancer is miles better than any Iron Man comic.