March 13, 2011

Episode 206: I'd Bang Gail SImone

THOOM! reviews Karate Kid # 1 (DC Comics, 1976)


Courtney said...

Where did you get your intro?

XantesFire said...

Actually sometimes when celebrities mention a charity, donations do go up.

I know some people don't think Japan need funds because it is the 3rd richest country in the world.

As Robert G. Ingersoll said, "The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray." That guy you were complaining about is just saying what is true. Like if you were hit with a baseball bat from behind and you ended up on the sidewalk bleeding, brain swelling and you looked up and saw someone praying over you. You ask for an ambulance but he says, "Hold on brother, this is more important, I'm praying for you. I'll call for an ambulance once I finish talking to the lord." You would want him to call right away and pray later, wouldn't you?

Maybe that toilet seat has sentimental reasons for the carvings. It's one girl carving the names of all the guys she blown on that toilet seat.

Um, if someone is actually pointing out that its not karate but kung fu then that might mean they do know the difference.

There were 15 issues.

Master of Kungfu was the title of the comic and maybe his status but it wasn't his superhero name he didn't have one, he was just Shang-Chi.

Nemesis Kid doesn't have gadgets, its his powers to gain a power to defeat his nemesis.

Karate Kid might be pissed off because Nemesis Kid framed him on their first mission, also this was the 70's, when they were moving away from the generic goody too shoes heroes and they wanted to show characters with personality. If they had gone generic you would be complaining it's too bland.

They got time-machines, for them it is like going down the block. "Ultra Boy, what was Superboy's secret identity?" Hmm, I could check the history books or go back to Superboy's time. Really it was a Legion story, Superboy #98.

Speaking of Ultra Boy, he's the guy who can only use one power at a time. Like you said Mon-el is basically Superboy. But the speech was stupid since Mon-el was normal adult until he came to Earth and he does fear becoming vulnerable to lead.

Saturn girl is gf/wife of Lightning Lad. Didn't you do any research?

The cops probably thought it was a film because of the craziness. Electrical bolts, martial arts and vanishing bubbles. It wasn't so uncommon for filming in the middle of streets in NYC, it's not so uncommon now. Plus also this was the time of hidden cameras as one of the "in" things in films.

The school building is 7 floors high, not unusual for schools in NYC. They show it in a later issue, but nowhere here do they show it's a huge skyscraper.

Its the 70's, she's probably a hippie liberal who's horny and thinks he's a nice looking exotic with some good shit to smoke, after all he did just climb in through the 3rd floor window.

Duh its a trap and he knows it but it's only choice to him. Partly why he's a hero.

No, more like if you went back to the 1800's asked a guy on the street for directions to the stagecoach n the guy slaps you down for being an escaped negro. Same time period but how you're treated depends on what year. And most people including the writer probably thought air cars were just around the corner. Course if it was better writing she probably would have assumed he meant helicopter or plane.

Again 70's NYC, any cop probably would have thought it was a stage prop or toy. Jumping off the bus was stupid, but he did jump out thru the window. It should have shown that the glass was tempered safety glass, and shattered into pebbles.

The Karate Kid character is inspired by martial arts movies. You think they didn't have those kinds of impossibilities such as jumping up buildings?

Major Force killed Raynor's gf. Major Disaster was a 3rd rate villian of Green Lantern.

XantesFire said...

Just cause it seems so empty.

Thoom said...


I got the intro here:


STFU. I wasn't criticizing the common sense of the rapper's massage. I was dissing him because hetotally contradicted himself. He inferred that prayer is ineffective AND said it was cool. He was being wishy washy, which waters down his "message".

XantesFire said...

It doesn't sound like he was being wishy washy. Sounds more like he realized he spoke too much truth, "Ah shit, can't tell my stupid god-fearing fans that prayer don't matter, even though it never accomplished a thing. I better step off it and say it does work, but good to donate." Even if he is a believer he knows prayer doesn't work, after all wouldn't a believer know god wanted those people hurt?

Next time you do a Legion comic get someone from a Legion cast, or someone who knows what they are reading, like Mike Myers.

Thoom said...


I regret to inform you that you are overqualified to listen to this podcast. You are Fired. Go find another podcast to listen to, one where the host knows everything about every comic he is reading.

XantesFire said...

Like you think I only snark here? You associate yourself with PCX, I thought you could handle the snark.

Thoom said...

Yeah, but Trenchcoat Mafia's... "snark"...was funny. You're just an asshole.

Vichus Smith said...

Yes, Tim, a group who actually plays instruments in addition to rapping is oveerrated, while you listen to the same shitty 5 songs on top 40 radio. Give me a break.

Also, do people really know who to donate to? I guess since I'm disconnected from 24 hour news sites, I don't really have those numbers being put in my face regularly.

XantesFire said...

Nope you just accept TCM's snark is funny because you consider him an equal. I guess because he had a podcast and a cast of many. You can't accept another person's snark if you consider him a lesser. Like when you thought it was outrageous that a homeless man with a "golden voice" shouldn't be getting great jobs because he was homeless. You didn't judge him on his potential, just on his past. I guess you judge me as a lesser because I tend to point out your errors.

Thoom said...

Naaah, you're just an asshole.

vichussmith said...

Let's make a deal: Xantesfire goes away, FOREVER, and you bring Downcast(e!_Pi) back.

XantesFire said...

And how am I that? By pointing out your errors? You put down people that put down a movie you liked because they pointed out that it's called Karate Kid but the martial arts done in the film is supposedly Kung-fu. But you skip the obvious that those people probably know which fighting style is used, because they have to be wrong because they dissed something you liked, and their output doesn't matter because they are lesser to you.

Really Downcaste? The kooky wannabe spiritualist? Wasn't he just here cause he was Thoom's roommate?

vichussmith said...

He's not a spirtitualist. He's a hipster douchebag.

Oh, I forgot to point this out. Tim, martial arts are the fighting arts of war. As long as there is a need for hand-to-hand combat, or combat involving weapons, there will be martial arts, even in the 31st century.

XantesFire said...

Of course he's not a spiritualist, That's why I said wannabe spiritualist.

vichussmith said...

Well, whatever he is, he's replacing you. Pack your virtual shit. You're moving out of Thoom Castle.

XantesFire said...

I'm not in the Thoom castle. I'm dancing on the porch.