May 29, 2011

Episode 211: All Douchebags Go To Heaven

THOOM! reviews Hal Lindsey's There's a New World Coming (Spire Comics. 1973)
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XantesFire said...

Okay, I'm just reading thru the comic now and I think you should have used the bottom panel on page 3.

XantesFire said...

People did believe it was the
Rapture, embarrassing that I saw some of it here in NYC and I seen some of the flyers and adverts at bus stops. When I found a flyer in the street, I checked it out right away, surprised I didn't post about it, I was laughing for a few days.

What are you stupid? Look at it from the parents point of view. Rapture's coming, the parents are going to be saved, their kids are not because they don't believe as they do, what would you do? Expose them to the "truth", tell them the truth in hopes that they realize the errors of their ways and learn what to do.

Some of those people have served, been in wars and still consider the battle for their souls to be their biggest fight.

Duh, they are douchebags, they are Christians.

Why am I defending the crazy Christians? The comic probably cost more because its a smaller print run than main stream comics print runs and the cost is not offset by ads. So instead of the .20-.25 cent price tag, you get a .39 cents comic. You see this in most independent comics. When regular comics costed .75 cents, independents were $1.25 and up and some were black and white.

They did acknowledge outer space, they called it the heavens or the cosmos.

Being swept up into a book or dream is a somewhat common plot device, making it as simple as opening the bible just makes it easier not to claim its a hallucination like knocked on the head and ending up in King Arthur's Court or swept away by a tornado. (Or does it?)

A lamb? You mean a black sheep?

Again, you should have used "the Great Snatch" pic.

All white people taken, no minorities, take the hint. Why do black people accept the god of their ancestors' masters as their god?

The song and the book are suppose to inspire you to get "right" if you aren't and an inspiration for those who are doing "right" to keep doing "right."

Copyright because in the meantime they want to protect their works and prosper from it as long as they are still here.

Palestine/Israel mess is because of the wannabe Rapture Christians and the Jewish Zionists.

Garden of Eden is a perfect example of being set up by God.

God is not against abortion, 10-25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriages, sometimes women don't even notice them. Miscarriages are nature's abortion and God's way of letting you know its not time for you to have a baby.

Billy Grahams is a Jewish Evangelist?

Depends on how you interpret the bible. In some it says they will be damned, in others it says those who stay during the Trials and turned to God will go to heaven.

A-hem, "thousands of followers" and one exhausted lamb. He is a shepherd after all.

Of course the bodies of dead believers would be nicely dressed. That's their funeral outfit.

That's not the garden of Eden or the New Earth they are running thru. It's the 70's, these kids are obviously tripping in a river with a waterfall, reading the bible and got "swept into it". That's where the water came from in the beginning. And they are about to have sex, blowjobs in general. That's why they keep repeating "Thirst", "Drink", "come."

Vichus Smith said...

I'm gonna be honest: I love christians. Not only because they help to make the best strippers and hookers, but also because i have met some very good people who happen to be Christian.

HOWEVER, I think that any of these fuckpigs who pervert religion for their own disgusting agenda should suck dog dick in the molten core of the earth. Some might say that would be hell.

This fuck (I honestly forgot his name) prophesied the rapture, and when it didn't happen, he just said "Duh, no, you kind of misunderstood me" Motherfucka! People threw away their lives to promote this clown's nonsense. I guess he got what he wanted: free promotion.

My left testicle is more worth listening to than that guy.Seriously, it's genius.

Does Jack T. Shick still do those religious stories? I hope he died of a heart attack.