June 4, 2011

Episode 212: Lil' Freak

JD returns to the show. He and THOOM! talk about the Thor movie,
a Prince concert, and more.



XantesFire said...

So I was listening to a past PCX (episode 53) episode. You said J.D slept with Janet Jackson. Is he still claiming this?

Thoom said...

I don't remember ever claiming that.

XantesFire said...

Yeah, Jermaine Dupri, supposedly slept with Janet.

Just seeing if you still answer on your blog.

Although, the first time I heard it I did think you meant your friend, but after rewind, it was clarified.

Keith Knudsen said...

Please tell JD Hank Pym created Ultron, not Tony Stark.

You should have told Kingsley, "Why didn't you meet up with my roommate when you had a chance?...Bitch..."

Still listening...

XantesFire said...

Figures JD would be more accepting of this movie because it makes the norse gods aliens and he thinks it leaves his Christiaity alone. But what gods do they worship?

Cap picked up hammer way after he's been in charge of the Avengers. No what convinced Thor to follow Captain America was his courage and spirit. Iron Man fail

No, at times the comics show Thor's hammer veering around people when it's returning to him and then at others, luckily someone moved them out of the way. It depends on what the plot needs.

Arenas never make money for cities.

The name Avengers has been pointed out as cool sounding. But I think even Stan Lee says it doesn't mean they are avenging.

You didn't like Timecrimes, by any chance did you like Donnie Darko? Okay, TimeCrimes doesn't sucks as much if you take into consideration that the guy isn't a geek. Therefore he doesn't know or understand the theoritical movie time traveling laws. He does all those stupid things in order to ensure his continued existence. Would people more savvy in the ways of time travel do the same? Probably not. I don't think I could stab myself, therefore not becoming the head wrapped guy and causing all this crap to happen. I didn't like it too much but I could understand his thinking.

What the fuck? Prince is a Jehovah's Witness? And he knocks on people's doors? I hate JW's and chase them away, but if Prince knocked, what would I do?