June 26, 2011

THOOM vs. Howard The Duck #12

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Gene "The Dean" Colan


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XantesFire said...

Woody never married Farrow. Soon-Yi was 22 in 92 when the "scandal" came out. The nudes were of Soon-Yi age 21. Where's the pedophilia? And he never signed her adoption papers.

The King Kong poster was made using artistic license, a montage of events. Similar to many posters of that day. Yeah Kong wasn't that big. Spoiler-He had to run and jump to leap from one tower to the other.

Kinsley, who's that?
There's a guest host you used to have on here who we didn't want to offend and risk not guesting anymore if he ever did read the comments. I believe you even brought it up in the first place, this particular guest host could never be shown the comments since he is so sensitive. So we started used a simple code in case. Was it too obvious who it was?

Or machines means devices in his mind and that just shows how old fashioned Howard is.

In ref to "piano", I said it might be a carry-on from his dreams and part of his madness.
Was "piano" ever explained any other way?

Again with this "dated=roll my eyes at" shtick, like you pointed out, he picked exorcism to make fun of and at the time it was something on people's minds, in the culture.

Didn't Howard praise Satan because God just screwed him over? And Gerber succeeded in pressing your buttons by having the fictional duck, "Hail Satan." You couldn't even say it.

Dude, why are you making fun of someone with a speech impediment? Can't she just be a character with a speech impediment for no other reason than it's just her? Or does it bother you because you think Gerber is somehow making it personal?

She might want to be left alone by the general population but since she's opening up to Howard I would guess she wants to make friends with him atleast.

Zebra striped gum- Fruit Stripe.

Disco didn't die it evolved, it became House. Where was that writer from? In certain parts of the country disco did sort of die or it got banned or it fell out because of its association with gays, blacks, drugs, sex and/or churches frown upon it.

Why can't people leave a fad alone? Because it might not be a fad that goes away. (See Rap.) And say it does but it's here for a few years, 2 years is a long time in your kid's life.

Probably because Robert might be young kid and not as "savvy" as you are. He just sees getting some of his favorites together to fight. He might not see that Gerber might think those characters are too mainstream or not right for Howard or not that the writers in charge of those characters might not want them to be associated with the duck's silliness.

I like Gene Colan's art, but at times it's a bit fuzzy. If you look at it carefully it looks like the bus rolled down a sharp incline about 6 to 8 feet and then fell onto it's side. Not too deadly. Especially since the driver was braking to slow or stop. The officer doesn't say they all should be dead, he only says they should have been worse injuries.

Aldo Moomjay sounds like it could be a South African name for a white guy with black ancestry. The explosion wasn't a fix, it was a hit. And these things weren't meant to be taken serious. Sometimes I wondered if the writers weren't just getting sillier and trying to entertain themselves.