June 19, 2011

Episode 216: New Technology

THOOM and JD talk about the Green Lantern movie , reality TV stars and more.


Vichus Smith said...

Tim, what the fuck? I'm looking in my comics, and there's no goddamn cloud of shit in Green Lantern. All I see is Parallax.

Vichus Smith said...

FIRST OFF, just because you didn't watch a show doesn't imply (like I think you two goofballs are implying) that the show is bad

Secondly, Tracy Morgan can't lead a show because he's CRAZY! And the nerve of this clown JD saying that Aries Spears should get a show. Really? Spears is funny, but he can't carry a damn show.

Anyway, being a lead doesn't mean you're funny. Chris Rock's movies get weak reviews, and he's one of the funniest damn comedians in history! I also know comedians who have carried TV shows for years, but they're not that great as comedians. Punk-ass JD.

Let me not forget you, Tim. What the fuck does Tracy Morgan saying some ridiculous joke on a comedy stage have to do with his job on 30 Rock. You telling me that if he got fired off that show, you would applaud it, Tim? One doesn't have to do with another. I know they can fire him for basically any reason, but I HATE when corporations bow to some special interest group and fire people over some bullshit.

Patrice Oneal had a great response to the Tracy Morgan debacle, and I think I'll chop up the audio and send it to you.

Just a note: the day that I am jealous of JD's "film career" is the real day the rapture will come.

vichussmith said...

Still listening. This was kind of a large episode.

Even though I fully support negro literacy, JD is reading 5 year old books to teach those of us who who have better than a dial-up connection what's "new" There was saving to the cloud before Apple and them went and branded it.

The difference between Superhead and Kim Kardashian is 3-fold

1. Karrine Stefans started out as a video "model" and Kim did not

2. Kim's family has a bit of money. First it was her dads lawyer money, then it was gold medalist money.

3. You know who one of Kim Kardashian's friends used to be? Paris Hilton.

There is one place Superhead outshines Kim, and that's in the bedroom. I forget her porn name, but she did a scene that was really good. Kim is such a dead fish, her sex tape made me weep.

Thoom said...

Vichus Smith spewed:

"Let me not forget you, Tim. What the fuck does Tracy Morgan saying some ridiculous joke on a comedy stage have to do with his job on 30 Rock."

I respond:

This isn't a job a McDonald's. It's high profile job at NBC, and Morgan is going into the homes of millions of people. He needs to not contribute to the climate of bigotry and hate if he wants to keep his job. NBC can't make money off of a show with a gay basher.

Word about his rant got out to the mainstream press, and he first thing any reporter is gonna ask is, "NBC what do you have to say about Tracey's rant?" NBC has to discipline or fire that fool.

The fact that what he said got out to the media is not GLAAD's fault. And when that shit hit the fan, both GLAAD and NBC had to do something or say something about it. They couldn't ignore it.

And GLADD isn't five people. they represent a large segment of U.S. society.

Anonymous said...

from vichus' dad;

vichus, it's your father. i miss tucking you in at night. i miss spanking you when you did bad. i miss hugging you when you did good. i really miss sticking my tongue down your throat. i really really miss shoving my dick up your nasty ass.

love, your father

vichussmith said...

I don't care what level of job it is. If a guy worked at McDonald's, you check out for the day, and you get into an angry disagreement with a guy a block away from your job, then the next day the guy comes into the McDonald's, sees you and says "this guy's an asshole, fire him" Should the McDonald's worker be fired?

A guy has to change his act because he works for a corporation now? Why? His style is what got him on NBC in the first place! The minds behind 30 Rock (unlike JD) thought he was funny and took him on. They're on, what, the 5th season and are planning to wrap it up next year? NBC kinda backed off what he said, understandably, but I'm glad they didn't fire him.

Here's the "scam." A guy did something bad. A special interest group puts pressure on his corporation and says "Hey, are you in favor if this guy's bad behavior?" The corporation is scared because to side with their guy is to basically say "I'm in favor of this bad thing" so they might throw out the guy, just so they can save their money and keep their good name.

GLAAD were not the people who initially made a stink about it, but when they get involved, it becomes a much bigger deal; I don't think it's that big a deal. Not at all.

Oh, and GLAAD represents THEMSELVES, just like the NAACP doesn't represent me. They don't speak for me, and if I was at a point where they would come to my rescue, I would refuse it. They're not government, they're associations. Not even government is representing all of us well, but at least I get to throw a vote in for them to get elected.

PS: Happy belated Father's Day, dad. My condom waits for you ;)

XantesFire said...

Lan-tern, only 2 syllables.

Well there you have it, only way Blake Unlively was lively is because she acted next to a piece of wood.

You guys are black in America, retirement age? I'm surprise JD didn't get sniped when he picked up that bike.

Is it just that JD considers Tracy Morgan not funny or is America more sensitive? What would Eddie do back in the 80's, if he got the complaint, laugh it off. He did when people complained about his Stevie Wonder jokes. And so would the press. What does the press do about it, now? Press the non-issue. If the jokes are bad, boo him, but the person up on the stage being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc is something you should expect at a comedy show. Surprise, surprise, gay jokes offended the gay guy. Did he complain about anything else Tracy ranted and belittled about?

And why did Morgan apologize? Because his job is on the line. Is it fair, no but it is the business.

Following Bounty and other such is usually for the coupons. And perhaps they're entertaining like FocusDoug.

I did say in a previous comments where I linked a clip that Kim's sex tape was uninteresting.

It was the media that kept on Weiner, About 60% of the people in New York didn't think it was a big deal or cared about it. He was a good senator but a lousy twitter. Like Reese said if you do that stuff, don't show your face.

In the regular X-men run, when a "cure" for mutants was found, Beast considered it so it is something he would do.

If a girl offers to pay for stuff and later is slow to pay, you should have said you didn't bring cash or ask if you need to goto the ATM and remind her she offered to pay for the day.

Yes, you should wash right after the zoo. Plant eating animals' manure tends to dry and flake apart. It's all the grain they eat. You might think it was just dust or dry leaves blowing around, but it probably isn't.

vichussmith said...

I would have pointed out how Tim pronounced lantern-- twice-- but I thought it would be too dickish and Hispanic to do so.

How close, exactly , are people getting to animals when they go to the zoo? I haven't been in so long that I can't think of poop particles, or whatever else an animal can spread, to get on visitors.

Anyway, Tim should have felt good about his mooching lady friend. That proved that he's in decent enough of a tax bracket for a goldigger to think he's a target.

XantesFire said...

Seriously, the Lanteren thing was so bad I felt embarrassed for Tim.

Plant eaters are usually the calmer, less vicious of the animals so their areas are a bit more open to people. But note, some like elephants, zebras, camels are just large and crap alot. So instead of being in deep pits like tigers and lions, they are more eye leveled and the winds can easily blow plenty of flaked off crap onto you. It's not like you're gonna be caked in it, but girls generally like being cleaner, and that might've stopped her from jumping into his bed later that night.

Gold-diggers don't care about your tax bracket or if you do or don't have the money. They just want whatever you have being spent on them and once it's gone, enough for the taxi ride home.

vichussmith said...

Tim's girl should not only have shut her mouth about not showering after the zoo, but she should have spread and been ready for a pussy full of elephant poo-laden cock!

XantesFire said...

When you put it that way, "but she should have spread and been ready for a pussy full of elephant poo-laden cock!", I wonder why she didn't just hit him with the hose.

vichussmith said...

I cannot wait until Tim reads all these comments.

Thoom said...

XantesFire: "Seriously, the Lanteren thing was so bad I felt embarrassed for Tim."

Xantes, I feel more embarrassed that you listen to THOOM and that you might be misconstrued as representative of a typical THOOM listener.

XantesFire said...

I'm okay with that.