July 1, 2011

Episode 218: Tales of a Mongloid Crackhead

THOOM! reviews the Man-Thing #9 V.2 (Marvel,1981)

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XantesFire said...

Greatest American Hero was Great. What sucked is the continuous losing the suit's instructions after the first time and the normal criminals he would have to fight. Supposedly the the network wanted more heroics but the original writers wanted it to be more of normal guy with a suit(lame.)

They should had played him off as an FBI secret. Like hook him up with a James Bond type and he be the rookie superhero solving real international crises and not getting a school bus of kids to their play on time.

We breathe nitrogen all the time. It is colorless, odorless and take up about 75% of the atmosphere. What it did to the NASA technicians was displaced the oxygen in their system and due to human bodies being slow to warn against nitrogen since it enters our bodies all the time they didn't notice.

Okay on your comments on Larry Hama. Yeah, he wrote some military comics and that's when G.I.Joe got good.

Wait a second, your kids are missing and you're gonna stop and make your wife fix her hair? What kind of mother would she be if she did? You would be criticizing her for being uncaring if they showed her stopping to take the curlers out, spraying it with Aqua-net, applying her makeup and getting shoes that match her dress.

Figure if they were country folk they should know about the dangers of stagnate water.

Man-Thing is not evil. He's like walking fungus. He moves on basic instinct and just does as his body wants.

Dude, it's an ugly muck monster who has her grandchild, she needs to understand what? From her perspective she doesn't have time and guns solved any problems in the past.

Was the husband saying gun blocked and her pulling the trigger on the same page? Was it stupidity or was it emotions or was she just plain not listening and intent on getting free?

Evolution didn't jump in. The girl's parent had her as an offspring and the young couple had the baby. If Man-Thing was really working for evolution he would have stopped the line right there.

Mail-thing, it was clever, clever in the corny sense. What would you have come up with?