July 4, 2011

Episode 219: Transformers 3: Crack of My Ass

THOOM! reviews T3: Dark of the Moon, and JD comes along for the ride.



Vichus Smith said...

JD is voting with his wallet? JD can't even afford a wallet to put his money in.

Tim, you didn't go late because you wanted to avoid sitting through such a long movie. You went late because your clock is set to CPT.

XantesFire said...

Why you critizing people for doing reviews? You do reviews too. They are probably hoping to make it internet big. You want more listeners too don't cha? And they're gonna see it because sometimes bad reviews get more notice, more soundbite usage. And some of us rather get a person's honesty than some fake praise.

You probably already know about the recycled scenes already. So they may not be making an entirely new movie for the fans.

Shia has the dumbest character, after all that happened to him in the first two movies noone wants him? The UN, SETI, NASA? Not even as a spokesman or brand? Or how about write a book too and do some some speaking gigs. Scifi cons?

XantesFire said...

Jd just needs a piece of paper for a hobo wallet.

vichussmith said...

Let Tim continue turning on Spill.com I've only been there once, and now I guess I never have to go there again because Tim tends to be negative about them now.