July 11, 2011

Episode 221: The League

THOOM! and JD review The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
(America's Best Comics, 1999)


XantesFire said...

Why Bond's ancestor a poof or why did he end up working for Moriarty? Money and power.

The characters are talky because that's how the books were written in those days. They would chatter alot and action swift and fewer.

How could you not keep a hard-on when you have a room full of young future sex victims?

It's a black ops group, you either fill such teams up with your best or the expendable. (see Dirty Dozen) And most are criminals who have been caught and understand that eventually they will be killed or imprisoned if on their own. (See Suicide Squad)

Kevin O'Neill has a talent for drawing building out of body parts and just some crazy ass shit. Want to blow JD's mind? Have him review some Marshal Law.

No dude, it's the times. Looking at a woman's underwear while she was wearing it was somewhat similar to looking at her naked.

Actually in the comics they show she has some vampire strength and seems to crave blood at certain times. She calls Jonathan weak, and seems to despises societal men. From what I got from reading the comics, Mina has become an independent woman, other men shun her because she has been tainted by Dracula, her mind has been altered/freed by Dracula when he was mind controlling her, somehow British intelligence notice her and decide to use her because is is intelligent and expendable and perfect for the League which has existed before.

Tài Táo Tợn said...

Nice ;)