July 9, 2011

Episode 220: Definitely Crass

THOOM! reviews Titans: Villains For Hire Special #1 (DC, 2010)


XantesFire said...

Interesting cover, shocking, gets people talking. Wonder if it's to explain later if Ryan Choi is alive that it was some other guy Deathstoke is killing on the cover and he only incapacitated and imprisoned the real Ryan.

He may be king of the plants but that's a kingdom that burns.

"Ray Palmer wouldn't do that shit." That's cause he's not Ray Palmer.

But you do see Luke Cage walk home in his outfit, the Fantastic Four, Plastic Man, Flash when his identity was known, Elongated Man, Booster Gold, Cyborg, etc. What do you expect him to do? Put on a borrowed firefighter jacket?

What's wrong with dating a girlfriend of an old friend? People hook-up at funerals all the time.

Does make a lot of sense. But it could mean plenty. He mentions that Jade has gotten sloppy and screwed up a job so the target is gunning for her. So he could mean he'll help her out with that problem. Also mentions her daughter is dead, he could mean he'll get her pregnant (See Secret Six when she was Catman sperm crazy.) or possibly bring her child back or make her forget. He probably has contact who can do either. Or since they are both assassins and they may have that code of get out while still on top, and means to kill her after he gets what he wants, "PERMANENTLY>"

Have you not figured out Deathstroke doesn't kill Ryan until after he seen how the rest of his team acts. Sure it was a contract on the Atom but it was also a test run for his new team.

Thoom said...

>>Sure it was a contract on the Atom but it was also a test run for his new team.>>

And they failed miserably.

XantesFire said...

Dude, read the comic, the child who died is Tattooed Man's son and most likely the woman who slapped him is his baby's mama. Deathstroke offers Tattooed Man a way out? Read man, read. He offers to give him Slipknot, the killer of his boy.

Tattooed man either slammed his head into the wall or Atom pushed him into the wall when he rushed the Atom, and was momentarily distracted by the image of Slipknot, the killer of his boy.

Oh please, you obviously don't understand comics when you read them. Tattooed Man is obviously not into killing Ryan.

The hit is the guy in the bed? Does Deathstroke mention that he's there to take the guy out? He could have easily shot the man in the head without hitting Cinder. But he's focusing on Cinder. He's waiting in her car, knows her story and even knows what to say to her. He's was recruiting her. Jump and scream? If she knows who Deathstroke is she should know what he is capable of. And if he's there then she should know he already knows what she can do, so why ruin a perfectly expensive and cool car? P.S. Deathstroke's staff is collapsible.

Actually Jade and Deathstroke are professionals. Cinder it seems might be a close contact newbie vengeance killer.

Yeah, that's his code, no matter how many villains, you can't kill. Plus as you keep repeating Deathstroke and Jade are professionals and should have been able to take him out easily, but they haven't so his assumption should be they want to take him as a prisoner for their latest world conquering plot.

Yeah, just inside stomping around her nerves and now he's out, to make it easier for you maybe they should have drawn him growing, but the action is suppose to be fast. So he must have grown as the knocking was happening.

XantesFire said...

Just business, as per contract. The Atom's contract might say noone else is to be killed and/or Deathstroke understands that when you start killing innocents, especially girlfriends, wives, etc, they start coming after you.(see Identity Crisis)

Osiris wasn't a regular killer at the time. Only person he has killed up to this time was the Persuader and that was because he cut his sister. He is just desperate to get his sister and her husband back, Repeating, "it doesn't make sense. it doesn't make sense." Isn't gonna help. Try reading the comic.

Another between the panel action. Atom's powers are controlled by button on his belt and in his gloves. Simple enough for Wilson to find out what to press. Probably found the information online.

What's insane is that double page spread, who sketched it, Liefeld? The hilt is somewhat parallel to Ryan's waist but the entry point looks like it's going perpendicular to it, so is the sword twisting?

Getting an assassin or henchman to take out your enemy isn't a very supervillain thing to do? Cobra, the Hive, Kingpin, Dr. Light, even the Joker and Lex use henchmen. Okay Lex would create someone to kill Superman and Joker would probably kill the hench that killed Batman.

Note. The Atom's belt is gone. Let's imagine. Deathstroke puts the belt on, shrinks with the body, puts the body in a matchbox. Deathstroke keeps the belt.

Dead under a minute, that's what Wilson is pointing out. Again, Jade has gotten sloppy. Tattooed man and Osiris are trying to be good guys, only there because they are desperate and don't seem to be into the killing aspect of the Terror Titans. Cinder is a rookie, she has to be to if she actually waits til the guy is inside her to burn him.

XantesFire said...

Yeah, they failed, and that's why Deathstroke took them on a test run before he takes them out on the mission that'll help him accomplish what he really wants.

Thoom said...

I mentioned that Tattoo Man was at his kid's funeral and that Slipknot was responsible.

Tattoo Man doesn't need Deathstroke to get Slipknot. Makes no sense.

They looked like the keystone cops just barely handling the c-list hero. The fact that deathstroke took them onto his team after that display, doesn't make sense.

There is no "code" if it jeopardizes the job. Atom’s girlfriend would’ve heard the fighting through the door. Another example of bad writing and inconsistency in DeathStroke’s character.

If DeathStroke was only staking out Cinder the whole time, then why did he even have his rifle out, and why did he seem surprised when he saw her use her power? Your argument doesn't make sense.

If his staff is retractable and he had no intention of hurting Cinder, why the fuck did he even have it extended in the small car anyway? It doesn't make sense, just like your arguments, that were only posted to be contrarian.

Jumping out of someone's nose and growing full size is a delicate issue. That he went from being in Jades head and "atom" sized, to outside the head and man size in one panel,the time it takes to ring a doorbell... Doesn't make sense.

>>Oh please, you obviously don't understand comics when you read them. Tattooed Man is obviously not into killing Ryan.>>

And that's why it doesn't make sense. DeathStroke wouldn't work with incompetents who aren't acting like professionals. And Tattoo man/Ink's ineptitude due to his reluctance to take part is a really lazy attempt at "character development" by piggy backing off of continuity..You obviously don't understand about writing compelling stories, your a continuity whore. A person who thinks DC and Marvel are great just because the writers reference past issues.

The comic is dumb and so are your worthless and bizarre rationalizations..

XantesFire said...

Yeah he did need Deathstroke to find him. Slipknot, the killer of his boy, went underground and later it's revealed that Deathstroke did find him when Mark couldn't.

Course they look like the Keystone Cops, they aren't used to acting as a team and most of them don't have their heart into it.

Depends on the "code", the one I'm talking about is similar to Wanted. Get out while still on top.

Right before she knocked, Ryan was giving Jade a headache, headaches aren't that loud. Also Deathstroke wouldn't be the first supervillain to have used sound nullifiers in the past. Which would make it consistent with Deathstroke's character in that he does what he wants according to his warped code until it's more beneficial to do otherwise.

Was Deathstroke surprised? Couldn't really make out the emotions on his masked face. That's the rifle he regularly carries, so he needed to use the scope. And don't say he could have taken it off, putting the scope back might take some minutes he might not have in the future to correctly recalibrate.

Actually I think it was an image thing. His rifle and sword would have been too threatening but his staff relays "I can and will be a threat" without being a direct threat. Sorta like a pimp cane.

Really, have you timed this? Atoms have grown to full size in the time it takes to get someone off guard and hit them with an uppercut while growing.

Yes he would be working with people not acting like professionals if that's what he needed. Was Terra a professional? He just needs them to get to his prize and in the meantime they are expendable and he can probably take any of them out.

How's showing Tattooed Man's reluctance to kill Ryan lazy writing? Since Final Crisis he wants to do good and part of that good he feels is killing Slipknot, the killer of his boy. And in order to achieve that he is willing to work with less than wholesome factors.

Piggybacking off continuity? WTF? If you don't piggyback off continuity then how do you get consistent characters? That's what you're accused happen to Deathstoke and Jade in this issue. >>Another example of bad writing and inconsistency in DeathStroke’s character<< Now in the same post you say it's not needed?

>>A person who thinks DC and Marvel are great just because the writers reference past issues.<< Isn't that why you liked the Silver Age? They used to do that a lot.