July 20, 2011

Episode 222: Fangasm

THOOM! and JD talk about the "leaked" trailers for the upcoming
superhero movies of 2012: Year of the Geek!



Vichus Smith said...

That's what you negroes get for watching bootlegs. Now that you've seen the official trailer, are you still down on The Dark Knight Rises?

That teaser is damn good! It's a teaser, and it does what a teaser does properly. I haven't seen the Avengers tease (I'll be seeing Cap in theaters because I'm not a commie) but I don't think I'll be more excited for that than I am for the third Dark Knight.

"Those chants sound demonic" What the fuck you want, Tim? Here, I have a Batman film that's more your speed. It stars, um, Adam....West and Burt Ward? Yeah, you stay home and watch this. No Bane chants in that.

Even though this is the first time they're actually putting together a big superteam in a blockbuster, I want to see how this Batman trilogy is ending. Everyone's still under the assumption he's going to get killed.

Now, Tim, I have to get on your case. You don't need to get a damn check for unemployment! You can get that shit direct deposit, and you never even had to see anyone at any office. Don't be a JD.

People crying about Netflix are ridiculous. What do you expect from the internet, though? If you stick with the 1 DVD and streaming, you're perfectly fine. Even if you like the 2 DVD's and streaming, you get tens of THOUSANDS of movies at your command.

I like the later Trek seasons, and I don't know why the older Trekkies were so down on the later series. I thought they were really good. Not even in the future, where the entire Earth is united can a black guy and a woman get respect.

XantesFire said...

In most versions of Commissioner Gordon he suspects or knows Wayne is Batman but doesn't pursue to for plausible deniability.

Intelligent people go to Harvard? Bush went to Harvard.

vichussmith said...

He was smart enough to be president, twice. Whether you think he stole it or whatever. You, uh, are Xantesfire.

Smart people go to Harvard, but so do people with the push to or the opportunity to. I would say Bush went to Harvard because what fucking school is the son of a president going to go to? community college?

XantesFire said...

Actually Bush got in because of Legacy Preferences. He didn't go to Harvard because it was his choice, he went there because his father sent him, same for the presidency. When Gore was pushing for a recount, Bush just wanted to go home. It was his father's men with the drive.

vichussmith said...

I know why Bush had the opportunity to get into college. Was that even necessary to say?

As for him getting into office because of his dad, that only gets you so far. At a certain point, states still have to elect you. The bush name got him up to being a candidate, but him even getting close to being elected were the people who loved him.

XantesFire said...

Just clarifying that it was because pappy Bush was an alumni.

Actually no. If you remember even Bush's supporters admitted Bush might not be ready for the presidency, but they overlooked it because they considered him a "good CEO", who surrounded himself with "good people", i.e. Reagan's and his father's old crew. They were electing the old puppeteers, with Bush as the puppet.

Winning, while losing

vichussmith said...

Bush was a guy who proably would have wanted to be something other than president, but what president isn't being surrounded by "good people?"

XantesFire said...

Oh sure they are surrounded by "good people", but usually they pick their people. In this case the "good people" were already organized and they picked Bush.

vichussmith said...

Well he's a legacy president. Who else would be put in that situation?