July 21, 2011

Episode 223: Travis Bickle

THOOM! reviews Captain America #272 (Marvel, August 1982)

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XantesFire said...

How could you like the 90's Captain America movie? Red Skull was Italian and he plans on killing the president of the United States because the Prez is pro-environment.

Gunge-to ejaculate.

Yeah sure it was a kid's comic and it was sugar coating everything. Usually you could see naked flesh and sexually charged words when you walked by Time Square.

I've forgotten it used to be that bad, and don't thank Giulani for the clean up. Bill Clinton put 100,000 more cops on the streets. 7,000 just in New York. There was a short time when Time Square was still sexed up and the crime had gone down.

What's being said about the killing being sloppy is the killer is even more inhumane because he didn't give the cabbie a quick clean death but an agonizing drawn out death, choking on his own blood.

This is 80's NYC, if I remember correctly there was an ambulance shortage, and I think the wait time used to be 20 minutes. Probably trying to also relay that the unscrupulous would house the dead guy, which I remember being another 70's-80's NYC thing.

Can't wait cause he's trying to get to his friend, who needs his support.

He dresses up as Cap in case there's an emergency.

Leila was a black militant and saw Wilson as an "Uncle Tom" and Steve as his lily white friend.

Yeah, rats use the stairs and they climb on the inside of the walls.

Stereotype? Please. I see it everyday, kids acting ghetto-y and religious black mamas who want dick.

Most superheroes don't want to kill and most understand they shouldn't kill. This is a country run by laws. If they start running around killing their enemies they'll likely be hunted down by the legitimate law.

The Young Avengers at the time weren't superheroes, they are guys with powers pretending to be heroes.