July 26, 2011

Episode 225: Happy Fourth of July...You're Fired

THOOM! bitches about being laid off, then reviews Action Comics #463 (DC, 1976)



Vichus Smith said...

Tim, NOW IS THE TIME! Yuou should join up with Tahat Guy with the Glasses. You had Linkara on, and he says gets paid off of his viewership. I know you have a camera (or maybe Downcast(elephant) has) so you can definitely do it.

FUCK college! I went to college. Yes, it was fun and eye-opening, but you either a) need to work your ass off with whatever Bachelor's degree you have b) be super talented or c) have a master's degree. I don't like sitting in a classroom, and that' funny considering the career I've chosen for myself.

XantesFire said...

What's wrong with ambulance driving, Nicholas Cage?

Like you can't eat as the other drives?

Does LA have any state drivers or is it all contractors?

Wouldn't it had been illegal to carry a passenger if you've been fired/laid off and if you got into an accident you wouldn't be covered. These are some asshole bosses.

I loved my Green Machine. Well, not really mine, but my grandfather let me use my cousin's low-rider trike whenever I was over.

Karb Brak, like Carb as in Carbohydrates and Brak as in Space Ghost.

I think Cary Bates writing comics today would be like Stan Lee writing comics today, ever read Ravage 2099 or Stan Lee's Just Imagine? Or the Spiderman comic strip? Either he had run out of ideas and/or everyone was too careful not "sharing" theirs.

Bates is mercifully dead.

Clark took down the horses because it was instinctive like they keep implying later on he is instinctively a man of action.

Actually since the spies are so incompetent I'm left wondering if Clark hadn't ended up there, would they had messed up anyway. After all what's so important with the doc? They had copies, Jefferson's rough draft and they were readying the printing presses to print out copies for everyone to read once accepted.

I think Clark went passive since instinctively that's how he would automatically react to a mugging and then "accidentally" trip up the crooks.

It's science, science to the uneducated looks like magic.

It's Colonial times, they had flint locks, they could preload them, carry them around and fire right away. Then they had to reload.

Superman would fly thru the time stream all the time so he was familiar with it, he also would use his X-ray vision to look for landmarks and calenders.

Perhaps they were inspired to talk about Karb-Brak after he flew over and already seen him on TV.

Every now and then he has to use public transportation to ensure his co-workers would see him because yes they do ask those kinds of questions. (see Lois)

Yeah they do especially if you're going to a construction site where parking is iffy and traffic's a bitch. And I'm sure news anchors would get tired of driving into city traffic and would opt out for public transportation.

Superman used his super scientific equipment to cure him and it seems KB's fever was preventing him from adopting a human shape.

What doesn't make sense is Earth is full of metas, how was Superman the only one affecting him? If he could be a few miles away without being affected then why couldn't KB go someplace hero lite, like Canada. If it was superheroes on the planet why not take on Supergirl also?

Whoa there, this is Pre-Crisis Superman, mind wiping/altering was standard to him. In Action Comics vol.1 #524. Superman had a Clark clone trying to find his place in the world/replace the real Clark Kent, so Superman, mind wiped him, implanted another person's memory and had the President and the CIA have secret government surgeons alter his looks and vocal cords.