July 25, 2011

THOOM vs. Howard the Duck #13

THOOM! reviews Howard the Duck #12 (Marvel, May 1977)


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XantesFire said...

Ah, Star Wars, space, aliens, laser guns, lightsabers, what's a kid not to like?

How is Howard responsible? He was getting beaten up by the huge fat chick. He fought back. The bus driver should have pulled over.

Since when don't they let you smoke in a jail cell? Since the 70's? 80's? 90's? Mainly in the 90's, states argued for or against smoking bans in their jails and it was only til 2004 that the Federal Bureau of Prisons adopted a smoke free policy.

People do have speech disorders that bad.

He sold her one book, "The Human Kidney, Seat of the Soul."

Traveling salesman seduces young country girl,takes her to the city, wines and dines her, then take off, weak? But it does happen. And as this comic is known for it's satire, it seems to be poking fun at similar stories in movies n books by making it the Kidney Lady's origin.

It's Winda.

KISS? Does make sense, Winda is a mutant with the power to open portals to other dimensions. And from marketing angle, It was used to promote the upcoming KISS#1 where they would fight Dr. Doom.

So you're not waiting til TCM gets better to debate him on HTD anymore?