August 24, 2011

Episode 230: Depressed and Angry

THOOM reviews The Falcon mini-series (Marvel, 1983)


Vichus Smith said...

Emo Thoom. So sad.

So you just paid your rent but now they want more rent? We getting the whole story? I guess the unemployment is no match for your monthly expenses.

Why is it that you call me an asshole, again? Oh yeah, because of
comments like the one above ;) As a former recipient of unemployment, don't you have a " I don't want t be unemployed anymore. Show me a list of jobs" type resource when you file for unemployment in California? I'm guessing you don't want to scramble to find out who has a lot of trunk space to haul all your stuff out.

It could be worse Tim. You could be wherever the hell Trenchcoat Mafia is, not doing a podcast.

Thoom said...

Rent is due in two weeks. I gave this months rent over to the superintendent on Sunday but the landlord didnt receive it yet. That's why I was pissed.

And be prepared to be called a few more things besides 'asshole' on the soon to be posted JD shows.

vichussmith said...

Whatever your rent situation, good fucking luck.

I cannot wait! I don't know why JD would be mad at me, because other "friends" of his have called him worse than I have ever called him.

XantesFire said...

If the landlord's duly representative has your payment and that is part of the system then why are you worrying? Is the check rubber? Did you get a receipt?

Wait "Kingsley said....?" You're... back... together? Will he be hosting? :)

Nice that I got a shout-out and top billing, along with Vichus but why insult some of your more persistent fans?

Eddie and the Cruisers got it's sequel because the soundtrack sold well and HBO showed great numbers.

Have you not been around old school Hispanics, sure its bizarre and stupid but their family honor can be highly precious to these people. They're usually also the kind of people that after a rape they take their daughter broken and bleeding to a priest so she can repent and forgive their attacker because it was her fault.

Thought you lived in Cali, is this the Kingsley conservatism seeping thru?
The writers seem to be assuming the uber-liberalism POV, that its not the criminals fault that they been lead astray (also a conservatives fall back defense). If they had the same situation without the attempted rape it would made a more sensible ending.

Have you not been to a job fair in 1980's NYC, there were small riots at job fairs because of lack of applications or being told lack of qualifications or jealous that someone better was getting a job, its stupid but did happened.

Well the X-men can get rather busy to clean up. But its not the first time forgotten, lost or buried tech came back to fight again. Avengers, and Fantastic Four have also been responsible for such. The city should charge a fine.

This was probably a secret sentinel manufacturing base the X-men either didn't get to or didn't know about. Happens all the time, warehouses of tech locked up a left locked up. I think its not til the 90's that they would leave some sort of security behind at closed locations.

Dude, its Reagan. I like to place some recot.
-It was so easy to kidnap Reagan because Bush was making a power play and wanted him dead.
-The old boy had Alzheimer, he really had no idea what was going on.

You're going by 2000's standards, this is the 80's- no bullet proof vest on cops, there wasn't the soldier mentally of "shoot everyone and let god sort it out" in the FBI, they were a more careful bunch then.

vichussmith said...

Kingslee and Thoom have not only reconciled, but they have become dear friends.

I'm looking up persistent in the Thoomtionary and it means "40 percent of your audience"

He tries to get rid of us but

1. we won't go

2. there would be no one to replace us