August 20, 2011


New epsidoes of THOOM will be up next week. In the meantime, I have questions that need to be answered in aid of writing my comic book stories. 

1)Imagine that you were a superhero who had a magical suit that gave you your powers. You also have a secret identity that you must keep secret. Imagine you had scars on your body (chest, back or legs), that you've had for the longest time and your sentient suit offered to vanish the scars for you. Would you would you do it, despite the fact that your now scar free skin would be unexplainable to the people who know you? Would this be a irresponsible, knowing you want to keep a low profile and keep any suspicions about you being a superhero with a supersuit? How would you feel about a character that did this?

2) If you are 25 or under answer this question without googling it. Do you know who Kenny Rogers is?

Please answer the question in the comments below. You can do it as "Anonymous" without logging in.


XantesFire said...

Who are you letting see those scars? Is it your spouse who you should share this secret with or long term partner or people at random. Have the suit slowly cure the scares and claim you used some gypsy herbal lotion.

Disqualified for question #2.

Courtney said...

Sentient suit? Venom?
Anyway, depends if the person in question is male or female. Guys with scars = badass, girls = not so much.

And Kenny Rogers is a...Singer?

DBM said...

Yeah, you could figure out a way to explain losing the scars better than you could explain why a superhero has the exact same scars as you "it's not me, really", assuming the scars are visible.

Thoom said...

Thanks. It's a female and the scars are on her chest and covered up.

XantesFire said...

So if the scars are on her chest then, why would that be a problem unless she was a freak-show stripper. As a hero does she go around exposing her chest?
Use lotion or ointment.

Courtney said...

In that case, I'd get them removed. Right on the chest, that's where important things are!

XantesFire said...

And if she is a stripper then could she use the armor to increase their size. That's what The Pro would do.

Courtney said...

Oh you don't have to be a stripper to be thinking like that, honestly, most women would change the size and shape of their breasts if they could.

XantesFire said...

Sure, but I wasn't thinking of maybe the normal female who might increase them a size or two but more like a stripper who would make them mammoth size and perky if such an armor existed.

I remember when Hal fought Guy in a fight it was pointed out that Guy uses his ring to keep young and in great shape and wondering if he could use it to locate each females individual erogenous zones. (or would one of the Guardians pop in saying that's not allowed.) Now I wonder if he used it for other enhancements.

Vichus Smith said...

1. Scars are cool. SagaT's got a big ass scar. Kazuya's got a simlar scar. Damage's face is all fucked up, as is Deadpool, who we all know is super cool. Kenshin has a great scar, and Batman's body is all fucked up with battle wounds.

If I was a superhero living with these scars anyway, I don't think I need to get rid of them. Plus, I'd be suspicious of a free gift.

I actually have scars-- not really significant scars-- but I live with those rather than going to the doctor and getting a solution for them.

2. I sure as fuck know who Kenny Roders is. We share something in common! ;)

Thoom said...

The character was stabbed 16 times in her chest and abdomen years ago, before she got her powers.

Thoom said...

Her suit covers up her scars. The reason she may want them gone is because she wont have a reminder of the crime and aesthetic reasons.

vichussmith said...

If I was writing that character, I would have the character struggle

If I was this character, 1) I would be happy to be alive after being stabbed so much, and still have both my breasts. 2) probably be haunted and tortured by this incident that scarred me, and wonder whether to just eliminate them is the best thing to do.

This reminds me of Spawn, who at one point became Al Simmons again. It also reminds me of the Spider-man cartoon where the symbiote was so badass and allowed Peter to create any clothes with a thought, but he had all that rage and ego. You know, how Spider-man 3's symbiote should really have been treated.

For me, it HAS to come with a price. I'm not the writer, though, so maybe she just gets this magical suit and it grants lots of good wishes.

Thoom said...

She has "A" cups. That will have nothing to do with the stabbing. She was always flat chested. I'm gonna write her that way so no one can say that I am relying on fan service to garner fans.

And I wrote 'magical' for the purpose of brevity. But it's a suit made by science. If she accepts the offer, will mend the scars as she sleeps and through the next day. She can't take the suit off until the procedure is done. She'd have to wear it under her clothes.

@Courtney. The suit is not like venom. It is closer in attitude to that Nova Corp computer intelligence or Booster Gold's buddy robot (the regular good version).

vichussmith said...

A flat-chested super heroine? What is this comic called, Cancelled in 2 Issues? :) What's she look like, Sonja Sohn?

Doesn't sound like that much of an issue for the character. It feels like the only reason she'd want to keep it as a reminder of why she's become a superhero.

I got shingles (my word verification, not the disease)