August 27, 2011

Episode 231:The Movie Funtime Show

THOOM and JD talk about the movies Captain America, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Lakeview Terrace and more.


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XantesFire said...

Wow! JD believes in a really petty God. Okay I may understand the reasoning behind getting back on the Beatles for their statement, but then getting back at the guys who said they are bigger than the Beatles?

Tell JD to be good and god will let his ass watch the Avengers in heaven. In hell he'll have to watch Catwoman, Steel, Jersey Shore and Green Lan-tern, over and over again. Atleast that would be my hell.

Cornellius is the name of the chimp in the future who works with Zira. Naming your ape, "Caesar" is just asking for trouble.