August 29, 2011

Episode 232: Red State Review

THOOM! talks about The Justice League #1 preview, The Grant Morrison Rolling Stone Interview, and reviews Kevins Smith's Red State


Vichus Smith said...
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Vichus Smith said...

What's the problem with navigating DCBS? It's come a long way since I first learned about it. It's much easier to use now.

XantesFire said...

Because you're talking about alien lifeforms and high tech, knowing about stuff like that shouldn't make you a believer of the Batman. If aliens landed on this Earth today, should we believe in Batman tomorrow?

What's the problem with duplicate orders? Send it back at their expense.

But these properies fade, unless they keep the public's interest, they all do. Why do you think even Lucas made 3 new films and spinoffs? Where has Jungle Jim Bradley gone? Where are the Fuzzy Sapiens? Where's Charlie Chan? Where is G-8? Perhaps they deserve to fade away but don't bullshit that a "cottage" industry will keep a property like Aquaman around for too long once he's gone from comics.

Again with this closed mindedness that main characters have to be likeable and relatedable, why? Do you know some teenage guys who would dp a 50 year old lady? If you do, do you like them? Doesn't matter, they exist. Ask Vichus for the link.

People having sex in public and in not so safe places? Pollytimmy, stop living such a sheltered life of denial.

Isn't their killing and reasons a "commentary" on how the writer thinks Red Staters are? Do you need him to spell it out for you?

Thoom said...

Comics haven't kept the nostalgic feeling for Aquaman alive in decades. People want to see Aquaman because he's (to most) a cheesy character from their favorite childhood cartoons. People want a T-shirt or a toy, not the comic. And nothing lasts forever, of course popularity fades. But B characters like Aquaman will only be good for making money by selling retro merch.

And Superman and Batman have infinite more material than Jungle Jim Bradley years. Material that can be reprinted and mined for for decades.

Thoom said...

>>Again with this closed mindedness that main characters have to be likeable and relatedable, why?>>

Because your audience will get up and walk the fuck out of the movie theater, that's why. But the movie didn't stay focused on them.

>>Isn't their killing and reasons a "commentary" on how the writer thinks Red Staters are? Do you need him to spell it out for you?>>

Here you go making up shit again. I got the "they are bad people" part. I was hoping the argument would be more nuanced than that. Otherwise, just make it a slasher film with generic killers.

XantesFire said...

No, the audience will walk out if the story sucks. If the story is good then the audience will stay. That's why Scarface is considered a great movie even though almost everyone in that movie is an asshole. That's why people watch South Park, we love to watch Cartman but we wouldn't want that asshole living in our neighborhood.

What am I making up? According to Wiki Kevin Smith did write and direct Red State. And that the characters were inspired by types of fundamentalist religious organizations. And wasn't that the commentary he was making, their motivations and reactions? You said the beginning consist of a 10 minute boring anti-homosexual sermon. Isn't that showing what kind of larnin' those people may go thru?

But again, how long will the want for retro merch last once a product is out of public sight? That's what new comics do, as long as they are good comics.

vichussmith said...

I think that as long as the actor makes the character worth following for 2 hours or so, they can be the biggest scumbags on the Earth. There have been movies about dictators and murderers and rapists, and I don't think a general audience can file them under "likeable" or "relateable"

I can't wait to see this movie, because I wonder to what extent people are kissing Kevin Smith's ass. I have heard that no matter what you think of Red State, Michael Parks' performance is dynamite.