August 31, 2011

Episode 233: Nothing's Changed

 THOOM! reviews The New 52's Justice League #1 and some blasts from the past: Peter David's SuperGirl and Captain Marvel, from the Aughts.

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XantesFire said...

In the old universe until recent, the ring will not allow a person to be killed by it. So it'll look like you dump a 5 ton weight on a person but it'll just knock them out, maybe a few scratches and broken bones, but the ring won't let you crush anyone to death.

Superman's an alien, Green Lan-tern has dealt with them before. Batman is an extraordinary human who seems more mysterious shadows, not plausible until Lan-tern meets him. And even then he's finding it hard to believe Batman does what he does.

Batman sticks to the shadows and the night, so he's probably seen more as an unknown mysterious thing because noone has gotten a clear look at him. He even keeps telling Lan-tern to put out his light. Superman, on the other hand, if he's still like he was, throws it in your face.

I thought at first it might be that the little bit of energy he has left he was willpowering it to cover his face, but after seeing the comic I realize his costume was just fading off from bottom to top so his mask would be the last thing gone. Lan-tern didn't seem particularly concern that Batman would find out who he was, just that Batman had taken his weapon so easily and called him stupid.

Lan-tern's starting out. He finds one thing alien on his planet, is it farfetched to think there may be a link to the other alien thing on his planet? It's like if you had a black man opening a laundromat in a mostly white neighborhood, would it be farfetched to think the black guy moving in next door might be named "Jefferson"?

Geoff Johns attempts to tell a joke, or is it his attempt to show characterization. Batman already thinks Lan-tern is an air-head. Showing Lan-tern respects the Guardians for their knowledge but thinks they are lacking in humour, shows he thinks humour is important and is not as serious as Batman. Better comment would be, why didn't they just ask the ring what "Darkseid" is.

Isn't Stone's black a realistic colour for blacks? Or do you think they should have just gone with tar black or Arabian purple? Isn't he about your shade? And don't you seem whiter when exposed to more lighting? Atleast your skin colour?

High school coaches sometimes help their players out to get better deals. If they been around long enough they'll know the difference between a good deal and a bad. Then in a few years they have a thankful alumni with plenty of spare cash to help their athletics department.

But this was Stone's story from 30 years ago, great athlete but his parents didn't approve of his sport pursuits and were(made themselves) too busy with their scientific work. Is your anger At Geoff Johns, misplaced from maybe your own life? Now that they give you a "commentary" on overachievers with absentee fathers you curse it out? From the Red State review I thought you want stuff spelled out to you.

Actually, if Lan-tern can turn parts of his costume black, can't he do the same for his glowing green jet construct? Batman's probably figuring that out but not letting him know in case he needs to take Lan-tern on.

Why if you get your shoes at the same place do you have to be friends or even know each other? I'm sure the cops and the gang members get the same Nikes, and sometimes at the same "Foot Locker", but are they friends? And the boots actually don't look the same.

You can't remember reading them? Too much weed? I know you got a card, but still.

The John Byrne's Superman vs Joker, story? Course it was short. Not much happened.

Billy Batson is not another person from DC's Captain Marvel like Rick and his Captain Marvel. Billy is turned into an adult version of himself and given powers. Marvel's Captain Marvel and Rick switch places. Which I suspect was Marvel's sneaky way of copying the true Captain Marvel.

A waste of time? They still got paid.