August 13, 2011


While Bill is on vacation, Mike and Micah talk comics, movies, TV and food with Timmy THOOM and Angela from the Invisible Jet Cast. (3 1/2 hours long)


XantesFire said...

Ah, this porch again?

XantesFire said...

Just because a kid is a top student doesn't mean they don't take drugs. Some of the top students in my high school took speed(to be able to do everything), marijuana(to relax),and coke(to party).

What the? Still The Beaver ran 4 seasons on cable? No wonder I thought it was a failed pilot on CBS.

Picard wasn't a military type of captain, he was a Captain Stubing, running a cruise ship, letting things happen as he drank his tea. Only doing something when he had to.

P. Townshend: The Real Pedo-Story.

Of course Liefeld acts nice, the talentless often have to.

Why wasn't Spider-man in any of the earlier version of the Avengers? He didn't join the Fantastic Four because they didn't want to pay him, but the Avengers gave out a $1000.00 stipend back in the 70's.

I'll pay your Libsyn bill.

Red background's good, it goes with PCX. I think of you as Superman-Red to PCX's Superman-Blue.