September 16, 2011

Episode 234

THOOM! talks about Six Comics from Marvel and DC from the year 1975.


XantesFire said...

In Ref to Ultimate Spider-man-
He could be so skinny if he's 10 years old or maybe he's gay.

In Ref to Ultimate Spider-man-
Hey you're telling us you live in Hollywood and you never heard of "hype"? Of course he can say his Spider-man is here to stay, it's hype.

Has Bat-shark repellent been used in comics? I think Nightwing joked about it in Titans. Googled it but didn't get any real info.

Seriously I wish you would get a job that paid you plenty so you didn't have to buy comics in the quarter bins and complain about stories that aren't done in one because I think the real reason you prefer done in ones is sometimes you aren't able to buy the whole storyline.

In Ref to Batman and Robin-
Batman and Robin? No gruesome stuff because it has a Robin in it? A Robin who was raised by Ra's al Ghul? A Robin that has been taught to fight and kill since a young age. A Robin who probably had to torture.
Children live violent lives. Sure, let's make comic books nice and innocent like stories of olden days. Just like Grimm's Fairy Tales.

In ref to Creatures on the Loose #34-
I'm almost sure Man-Wolf was an astronaut with a rank of Air Force Colonel, I'm also almost sure until the 90's all astronauts had to be military, usually Air Force or Navy. But even if he wasn't you don't have to be in the military to be AWOL from your job.

In ref to Creatures on the Loose #34-
This is a bad story, if you know it is a werewolf you should expect it to turn back. That is the legend, unless the Marvel Universe has some other legend.

In ref to Marvel Spotlight #26-
Have you not been to a museum? They will have some mundane art subjects like clowns and scarecrows as long as it's part of a collection like Americana or if the art style or artist are famous.

In ref to Marvel Team-up #38-
Actually the page before shows that Spidey was swinging from some tall buildings near the wharf.

Thoom said...

Even if I was rich, a comic book isn't worth more than 50 cents.