September 18, 2011

Episode 235: Hawk and Dove, 1968

THOOM! reviews The Hawk and Dove #1-5(1968) and DC Showcase #75

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XantesFire said...

Are you sure it said Saturday on the MSNBC site? Sometimes the date heading near the top looks like the date of the article, but its actually the present date.

I got some friends who worked at airshows. And anytime there was an accident and the rest of the airshow wasn't cancelled it was free publicity for the show and they would sell out. There will be certain people would want to go to an airshow after the accident. They'll want to see the wreckage, the blood and tell their story to their friends. Sort of like going to Michael Jackson's funeral. And sometimes after such a mishap at an airshow or circus, out of respect, the other entertainers will feel like not performing so the dead pilot's daughter was giving the okay. Now the innocent customers? They don't know them so who cares as long as their asses are in the paying seats.

Wait, why would Wolverine believe in gods, he's met and fought them, he's been gods.

You say you prefer one issue stories because they suck less? Then you're being short sighted. The problem isn't multi-issue stories or done in ones, its bad story telling. Usually I find the opposite, multi-issues are the regular writer and artist who have a goal in mind. Too many of the one offs are extras doing little stories that might be about meaningless and never mentioned again personal growth or some thing that previously happen unseen but is now seen.

D-I-V-O-R-C-E, did you listen to the lyrics? How is this song ironic? She spells because she's not ready to burden her son with it.

People sometimes get divorced because one cheats, or is abusive, or not sexually compatible, careers, annoying personality traits, etc. and they can still be in love.

You should atleast take a look at the 1988 Hawk & Dove miniseries. The artwork is actually very good. Karl Kesel is an amazing inker. It's funny because if you are familiar with Liefeld's work you can see his layouts and how it would have sucked but Karl comes along, properly portions things out, erases the excess lines and draws background. Every now and then you can see where Karl probably didn't have time to totally fix Rob's messes. For comparison see the comic Liefeld did right after, New Mutant # 98. I wonder if the stress of redoing the mini-series is what made the Kesels get a divorce.