April 28, 2008

Episode 4: Free Comic Book Day


XantesFire said...

Barefoot Gen is really good, It's about a kid surviving Hiroshima. It's also a cartoon. Shows all the stuff we barely knew about like people walking around with melted skin, aftermath fires killed more people than the blast, rivers littered with corpses. Cool stuff.

Transformers Animated is not so bad except that their human interaction is a little girl with a key that fixes machines, then it sucks really bad.

Funny that you're dismissing a comic about a witch hunter hunting "real" witches just cause there are no witches in our world.

Thoom said...

I believe i dissed it because it was Salem Witch Hunter, set back in the day. And it invokes the real Salem Witch Hunts, which were just a massacre of innocent people who just weren't status quo.

The reason some things like Buffy or Vampire Hunter D, for example, don't get dismissed offhand is because there wasn't a real life cabal of teen girls driving stakes through the hearts of sleeping victims whom they "claimed" were vampires.