May 2, 2008

Episode 5: Goin' Places


T Mafia said...

Dear T Mafia,

It was actually in Amazing Spider-Man #1 that Spidey tried to join the FF (not Fantastic Four #1!)

And the Twilight Zone you mentioned didn't star Mickey Rooney as you said - that was another episode altogether, even though both eps feature the "thrill" of a guy just talking to himself in an empty room for thirty minutes. What's next, a guy just talking to himself in his own blog comment?

Clearly, you were distracted by Mr. THOOM's vicious anti-Ditko propaganda. Regardless, this was the best episode since the first one (although I might be slightly biased.)

T Mafia

Vichus Smith said...

Instead of kissing both of your asses for a good episode, I want to say fuck podcast X! Long live Podcast XXX! Why didn't anyone tell me that this filth existed? All I had until today was Happy House of Hentai. Props to whoever came up with the idea for this podcast.

XantesFire said...

Go-bots sucked on their appearance and toyline, but their story made more sense than the Transformers. Gobots were machine bodies created for the humaniods of a dying world. That explain why they were human use compatible.
It didn't make sense as to why the Transformers were human use compatible. Nor why would they bother to plunder a planet's resources for energy when they could easily use solar platforms or create a Dyson's Sphere.

The horrors of That's What Friends Are For

Doesn't the little guy in the front look like what Hilter might look like at his age? He even still has his little trademark moustache, a bit faded, but it's there.

Thoom said...


Don't come back on the show until you get all your info correct, next time. THOOM is a reputable comic news source.


I don't know why T-mafia doesn't promot Podcast XXX.


How dare you post that. My ears are bleeding. That's worse than T-Mafia's puppy torture video. ( I should say probably worse, because i didn't watch that puppy video)

Thoom said...

Poor Gobots. nobody Loves the Gobots.

Vichus Smith said...

You know why T Mafia doesn't promote Podcast XXX? Because he knows he's created a monster! It's a demonic creature with dicks for tentacles. :)

T Mafia said...

Coincidentally, there is one of those demonic creatures with dicks for tentacles in the next Podcast XXX comic.

After all, what's a porno funnybook show without dick demons?

Vichus Smith said...

Can you pass this on to Vixen? I think she'll be interested in this site, since you guys enjoy having "friends" with large digital book collections:

Maka Maka is my personal favorite.

Mike M. said...

Very funny episode Tim and T Mafia. I really enjoyed this and I don't even like the transformers.

T Mafia said...

Vichus, I've downloaded some Maka Maka and next has gotta be, skimming the page, Not All Chicks Are Retards. Even if the comic sucks, that's a great fucking title (even if I disagree with the sentiment.)

Mike, thanks; that means a lot coming from the co-host of one of the half dozen or so other good comic book 'casts out there. Give Brunchie my regards.

Thoom said...


Thanks for the good word. I'm surprised you never got into the Transformers as a kid, though.