May 12, 2008

Episode 8: Jeremy Sisto Isn't Believable as a Tough Guy

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T Mafia said...

Okay, I'm having no luck with the current link on the main page, but if anyone's really masochistic enough to want to read this awful comic, try:

Just don't forget to listen to this episode while you're doing so. It's the "DVD" commentary track...from Hell!

T Mafia said...

Hmm...actually, it looks like the whole link does at least show up on the main page in Explorer - just not in Firefox for some reason. Or maybe it's just me. Huh. Weird.

Oh well, carry on.

XantesFire said...

Sorry, I had to delete my message twice cause it keeps linking wrong.

No Reggie or Veronica in this world, did they kill them or is this an alternate world that shows if they didn't exist, Riverdale would be a "good christian" town? Or cause their parents didn't exist the world would be a better place? Veronica's dad is a millionaire and Reggie's dad owns a newspaper. I can see them not liking the newspaper man but what about the millionaire?

Archie had a beat up jalopy until he won a new car. Think even the writters were tired of the broken down jalopy gag.

Seriously I hate Al Hartley's artwork, all the smokes n stars gets annoying. People falling on the floor, with looks of pain. Now that I know he is a proselytizing christian it makes sense in a stupid way. Still don't like the artwork. You should review the Archie's artist who did a porno strip that got printed in Penthouse Comix about a horny rock group ala Josie and The Pussycats.

Captain Caveman was primal. Of course he had 3 women. He would pull their hair, get rough and he had a big tongue. Even in the intro you get the impression that he broke out of the block of ice because he gets an erection. He's frozen, sees the girls, smile, breaks outs, looks down to check his equipement, then he jumped into action, a 4 way orgy w/the Teen Angels.

The Watcher is like the Browncoats or anyone else who saved or tried to save their tv favorite show. That's all it was, he saved his favorite show, The Earth Humans.

Jessica Alba is so hot even dolphins want to have sex with her.
I forgot if there was a point beyond that.

Devil worshipping is a god believer activity. Neither atheists nor non-god believing pagans can be devil worshippers. Doesn't make sense if you don't believe in god, there is no reason to believe in a devil.

A real principal would have kicked them out because they're are gonna distract the students and cause his school trouble by looking for imaginary threats.

Damn, what's up with Tim, He keeps pussying out on topic like Age of consent. Human law says that 17-21 generally should be the age someone can have sex. Nature says even earlier, most females start menstrating around 12,that means nature want her to have kids and can now start having sex. (Course some can argue that she is born with a hole, that's when she can start having sex but that's a different arguement.) Age of consent is the easy, lazy, cost effective way of deciding when a person is ready for sex. I know people 40 years and over who shouldn't be having sex. And some people are ready earlier.

Legion just needed a blowjob.

thoom said...

Majority rules, and a twelve year old is menstruating, so she can get used to the fact that she is a woman.BUt a 12 year old boy or girl isn't ready for the responsibility of a family.

Besides the moral implications and psychlogical damage as the result of an adult RAPING a child...
idea of fucking a twelve (or fourteen, or fifteen) year old is "icky". They still have that child "smell".

XantesFire said...

A child thinks like a child cause they are treated like a child. Adults especially in the US, baby their children, treat them like they're dumber than they are and less capable. Don't you remember your childhood? Look around, those kids who have more responsiblity, discipline and information grow up to be better adults. Those who are babied, grow up to be stupid.

In olden times when the average lifespan was 30-35. Parents didn't have the luxury to baby their children. To ensure survival they would have them breed as soon as it was feasible. And they taught them everything they knew, gave them responsiblity and instill if they didn't do what was needed to be done they would not survive.

So nature is still building people to breed as soon as possible to survive.

Now who said anything about rape? As far as I understood, the topic was consentual sex. Age of consent. Rape is bad anyway you look at it. (Unless she's made for rape like Vixen is, or so I've heard that she is.) Statutory rape, on the other hand, is a legal term. Both parties(or more than 2) can be willing, able, enjoy it, mentally competent to understand the act of having sex, but because of people who wrote the law, it's illegal. How ridiculous is it that if your girlfriend is 17 and you been having sex with her, it's okay but if you cross an imaginary line and suddenly it's illegal? Or if it's okay today to have sex but not yesterday cause you have't blown out the candles.

Like I said before age of consent is the easy, lazy, cost effective way of deciding when a person is ready for sex.

And who said anything about an adult with a "child".
(Oh right, you guys sort of did.)
So would it be okay if two 12 year old had sex with each other?

And the child smell? Get them a bottle of Et De Whore or some singer's prefume and that won't be a problem.

T Mafia said...

Since everyone already knows where I stand on this, I just want to add that it's not only true but downright sickening how kids are coddled and "protected" from, well, the real fucking world here.

All part of the ongoing feminization/pussification of the nation, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

T Mafia; Against the pussification of a nation!

In Australia, most kids act older than they are. Take my ten year old brother for example, who swears more than a Tarantino movie, goes out to see his friends all day and doesn't come back until night. He and his friends can take care of themselves.

But there are some parents who are the complete opposite, who evidentley got their ideas from Americans. Everything must be fair, politically correct and children should be treated like delicate flowers.
I can't stand those sorts of people, my brother's principal happens to be one of them. You wouldn't believe the stupid rules she comes up with.

Now as for child sex, paedophilia is just disgusting. How young is too young? Well if they still have that fresh vagina monster scent on them, you'll know.

I "first became a woman" at twelve and I didn't even think about sex until I was about fourteen or fifteen. But that's because I hadn't thought about the possibiltiy of older men. Whom I seemed to attract on any website I went on.

Let's face is men and women have very different hotness periods. And boys don't get hot until they're well into their twenties.

(the girl who finds her way into every podcast)

T Mafia said...

Not every podcast! I don't think Vixen has mentioned you on Podcast XXX yet. Hmm...I'll have to tell her to just so you'll have the dilemma of whether or not to listen...

XantesFire said...


You sort of misunderstood what I meant as grown up. Hanging out with friends til really late and cursing aren't signs of adulthood. That's part of the babying of civilization.

Sorry I didn't clarify myself before but babying children isn't only just treating them as children and not giving them responsibility but it's also caused by the lack of teaching. Not showing children how to behave like adults, perhaps I should say progressive adult. Besides being responsible, an adult should have self-control, make decision for the right reason, to improve.

Seems to me too many parents think that their children are too young to learn these things, but by the time the parents decide it time to teach them, the kids have already made up their mind as to what being an adult is and they are grown up to do as they see fit. (see Jerry Springer Show)

Anyone can curse, but it takes a knowledgeable person to inspire, express, teach with speech.

From your misunderstand it appears I still need some growing up myself in the speech department